Families Magazine – Gold Coast is an A4 glossy magazine printed every 2 months and distributed in places where families are on the Gold Coast, Byron and Tweed Shires.

Work At Home Mums is honoured to appear in a special feature on page 4.  Families Magazine Brisbane is an A4 glossy magazine, a brilliant website, a social media network and its own Youtube channel for parfents and families

The flagship edition was established in 2013 in Brisbane and the concept quickly grew with launches of new local magazines in Ipswich, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast. Each local magazine is run locally by a local Editor living in their community.  The Families Magazines are an A4 glossy magazine that are noted for being a genuinely useful read for families in the local area

Typical readers are parents, carers and professionals (including teachers and health care staff) who enjoy the local content.

Check the magazine out below and the website Familes Magazine, a fabulous resource for parents.

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If you would like further information please contact the Editor Rebel Wylie on (07) 3265 5738 or Email Editor@FamiliesMagazine.com.au

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