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Have you spent hours of time and effort creating a fabulous work at home business but for whatever reason need to move on and sell? Reach thousands of prospective buyers by selling it on Work At Home Mums.

Selling on Work At Home Mums

WAHM Business for Sale page is a platform for connecting business sellers and buyers. We have no involvement in the actual sale of the business.

To be eligible to sell, you must have a viable work from home business. It can be a fully running business, or a start up.

It is advisable to put as much information in the listing as possible about your business to enable prospective buyers to evaluate the opportunity. You are less likely to have people contact you if there is only minimal information available.

Working businesses are recommended to put average monthly costs and revenue in the information. You should realistically state the expected return of the venture so avoid misleading prospective buyers.

If the business is a start up, it must be clearly stated in the information that it is a start-up business and no financials are available.

Things to think about before posting your business

  • Do you have financial statements, stock inventory lists and prices, valuations of any equipment etc?
  • Are there any licences, patent’s/trademarks, franchise agreements, ABN’s, contracts or agreements involved?
  • Are there any loans associated with the business?
  • Do you have marketing plans, manuals, procedures, supplier and customer databases available for the new owner/s?
  • Do you have all the website information including domain names, hosting, website statistics etc?

Every business is different and the amount of information involved is different, but try to think of everything you need to run your business as the new owner will need it all.

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* Not all business types can be advertised on Facebook. For more information please contact us.

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