Presenting the Work At Home Mums Christmas Gift Guide! We’ve found the beautiful, the practical and sometimes just the downright silly to help plan your Christmas gifts for anyone. Now happily updated for 2020.

Christmas is coming up fast! Now, if you’re not one of those people that has all their shopping done by August (me) and you’re trying to be a little bit more organised then last year’s shopping on the 24th of December (may also be me) then we are here to help!

Enter WAHM’s Christmas Gift Guide, the perfect companion for Christmas gift ideas. We’ve scoured the internet to find interesting gift ideas, and most of them are by Work At Home Mums so you’ll be supporting small businesses at the same time. All without getting off the couch (or even out of your pajamas). So grab a glass of wine and lets go shopping.

PS. Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you don’t know what that is, it means if you click on them and purchase something we may get a small commission. However, it does not cost you anything.

Christmas themed

Santa Gift Tags

Bring some special joy to Santa presents with these gift tags and stickers.

christmas gift guide

Magical Santa Key

What do you do when the kids ask how Santa will get in to the house to leave presents when you don’t have a chimney? Leave out a magical Santa key.

Photo Props

Make Christmas photos fun with these photo props. Become Santa, and Elf or a reindeer with these 23 props.
christmas themed bottle sweater

The Christmas Bottle Sweater

Giving wine as a gift? Jazz it up with a sweater or scarf set.

Christmas Pudding

Need at Christmas pudding? Try these award winning ones. Comes in gluten and dairy free too.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas themed Cookies. Because, well… yum! Oh, and they also do workshops and have an online course to learn how to make the yummy creations.

For kids

Bamboo Character Plate

Make dinnertime fun with this range of 100% bamboo plates. I think Waldo the Wombat is my fav.

personalised christmas reindeer teddy

Personalised Reindeer

These plush reindeer teddys can be personalised with a Merry Christmas message. Super cute.

Petticoat Tutu

These petticoats are simply beautiful. And come in a gift box. Perfect for the aspiring dancer (or princess).

Farm Play Mat

Sticks and Stones Education carry a range of toys designed for fun and education. Wooden toys, fairy toys, animal toys, landscapes and felt toys including this lovely felt play mat.

Wobbly Jim Book

The first childrens book from the always fabulous Kate Toon, Wobby Jim is the story of a pirate with a wooden leg and a taste for dolphin wee.

A story of triumph over adversity, friendship (with a parrot called Sue), loyalty and adventure.

kids digital camera

Kids Digital Camera

Encourage your budding photographer with this digital camera. Small and lightweight it’s perfect for little hands.

Potato Clock

Encouraging your budding scientist with this potato clock. Comes with everything you need to learn about electricity and chemical reactions except the potatoes.

Play Mat & Storage Bag

This great play mat also doubles as a storage bag to clean up the mess afterwards. Great for cars and Lego.

For teenagers

Charging Station

Get them organised with a charging station. They’ll love having everything in the one spot, and you’ll love less cords and mess around.

Personalised Name Cushion

When you tween is redecorating from the kids stage, get them a stylish personalised cushion. Comes in heaps of styles and colours.

Pouch Bag

Why not an amazing artwork pouch that fits all their stuff and is made from cruelty free products.

For adults

bath caddy

Timber Bath Caddy

Who could say no to a relaxing bath with a glass of wine and your favourite tv show or book on your iPad. Give the gift of relaxation wtih this adjustable timber bath caddy.

Organic Syrup Gift Pack

These syrups are artisian made and low sugar. Add them to soda water or your soda stream for a refreshing drink, or even create fun coctails.

Custom Made Photo

Made with photos, put your favourite people into a word such as family, poppy etc. Great gift for the Grandparents.

Tea Blend Sampler Kit

If you know a lover of tea this is the perfect gift. With 6 different blends they are sure to find something they love.
coffee gift set hamper

Coffee Gift Set

Know a coffee lover? Give them the gift of a great coffee break with this Coffee Lover Hamper.

gardening tools in storage apron

Garden Tool Set

For the green thumb in your life get this gardening tools set complete with storage apron.

Mr Koya Shirt

Find a fabulous shirt for the men in  your life. Get them to enjoy some colour and pattern.

My 2 Socks

Who said socks were a boring gift? With these sock creations, you’ll never be accused of being boring.
llama design tote bag

Tote Bags

Know a bag lover? These bags are made in a variety of fun styles, prints and designs including totes and toiletries. My personal favourite is the no drama llama.

Laser Cut Wall Hanging

Made from sustainable bamboo these wall hangings (as well as other products) are laser cut and can be personalised.

Family Planners

For the organised family! (Or those that want to be). These magnetic planners are available as meals, weekly and monthly.

Handmade Ceramic Stoneware

Handmade homewares perfect for someone who likes one of a kind items.

Mindfulness Colouring Book

This gorgeous colouring book has positive affirmations to promote positive thinking and self-belief.

Something Special

Emerald Isle Earrings

Green is a Christmas colour, and what better way to celebrate than with these gorgeous emerald earrings. The rest of Bidiliia’s summer collection is just as stunning.

Jewellery Gift Set

Give the gift of sparkly things with these jewellery gift sets. My personal favourite is the under the sun but there are many to choose from.
personalised monogram cufflinks

Personalised Cufflinks

Get these custom engraved monogram cufflinks for that special touch. The 3 letter monogram is engraved onto a stainless steel cufflink.

Something silly

dinosaur taco holder


Because who doesn’t need a taco holder shaped like a dinosaur? Seriously, I would buy this for the name alone. Also comes in Tacosaurus Rex, Nachosaurus and Ultrasaurus.

Mr Grumpy Nails Fatherhood

It’s Mr Men for grown-ups. The beloved Mr Men and Little Miss characters are just trying to navigate life. This one is about Mr Grumpy, but there’s also Little Miss Busy Surviving Motherhood, Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating and others.

Christmas ornament with people and toilet paper

2020 Christmas Ornament

The ornament that perfectly sums up 2020. Comes in different amounts of people to suit your family.

Just hamper it

dessert box

Dessert Boxes

If you can’t be there, send a scrumptious dessert! Get someone into the Christmas spirit with chocolate and donuts.

Christmas Gift Hamper

Nice wine, yummy food and beautiful gifts make for a stunning hamper.

Chocolate Gift Hamper

Nothing says Christmas (or any day) like champagne and chocolate.


dog wearing christmas themed bandana

Christmas Bandana for Dogs

Get you little helper some Santa style. This bandana comes in different sizes to match your best friend.

pet treat christmas hamper

Pet Treat Hamper

How about a treat hamper for your favourite fur baby? Filled with treats and toys your dog or cat will enjoy every bit.

christmas tree cat bed

Christmas Tree Cat Bed

Give your cat a Christmas tree it’s allowed to sleep in. This Christmas themed cat bed is a great present for your furry overlord.

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