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Document Overview

A Privacy Policy is a document that states how your business will deal with the personal information it collects. A Privacy Policy covers how personal information is collected, what the personal information is used for, and how the personal information is stored and managed. You must use a Privacy Policy if your business or company collects personal information online or directly from your customers. A Privacy Policy is required by law if you business falls within one of the criteria set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

Use this Privacy Policy if:

  • You would like to inform people how you collect, use and respect information;
  • You would like to be compliant under Australian privacy laws; and
  • You have created a website and require a privacy policy.

What does the Privacy Policy cover?

Privacy Policy allows a Licensee to license software to a business and includes:

  • Collection of personal information;
  • Use of personal information;
  • Disclosure of personal information;
  • Rights and control of a customers personal information;
  • Storage and security of personal information;
  • Website cookies and third party sites.

Other names for Privacy Policy include:

  • Responsible Use of Data; and
  • Use of Private and Confidential Information Policy.
lawpath privacy policy