It used to be simple. You either had an office job or you didn’t have an office job.

Now, not so much. For a while now, the traditional office has been on the move — from homes to coffee shops to anywhere with a signal. The boundaries of the office are gone, and with it, a new hybrid and mobile workforce with different needs has emerged.

That got us wondering: How many different kinds of workers are there? Well, millions. But we’ve done the dirty work and broken down the entire workforce into these categories along with their needs.

The Traditional Office Worker

Define “traditional.” The only thing traditional about the modern 8-5er is that they get up, make themselves presentable and head to an office every morning around regular hours. That said, with the average worker equipped with a smartphone working an extra 71 minutes a day, the traditional worker also takes their home with them literally everywhere they go. So although they’re working 8-5 in the office, they are teleworking an extra 15% on the side.

Needs: Collaboration, a defined work space, deep daily connection with coworkers and company.

Home-Office Hybrid

Whether it’s because your employer hasn’t fully committed to the idea of working virtually or because you have a flexible boss who doesn’t mind you working from home a couple days a week, the hybrid worker has options. Need to wait for the cable guy to swing by? Stay home. Need to run into the office to present a proposal? Head in.

Needs: Flexibility, adjustable work hours, the cloud.

The Full Time Home Officer

Maybe you have kiddos you need to take care of, have a small business that’s just getting off the ground or you just really enjoy working from your home office. All of these are fantastic reasons to make your home office or your home.

Needs: Stability, consistency, quiet.

Coffee Shop Scavenger

There’s something cool about having your place. Whether it’s your neighborhood pub or favorite restaurant, having a go-to place where (pardon the reference) everybody knows your name makes the experience all the richer. For many teleworkers, that special place is their local coffee shop. It can be tough to find a shop with a consistent Internet connection, quiet environment to work and a good espresso. So when the coffee shop worker does find that special place, they tend to be committed for the long haul.

Needs: Affordable (free) space, connection, some –but not too much — quiet.

The Digital Nomad

The typical Digital Nomad’s habits include working from anywhere (and we mean anywhere) they can set their laptop down, running down their phone batteries, sleeping on planes and constantly scavenging for a good WiFi connection. They don’t have one place to call their own and are constantly battling against the forces of weak Internet, lost baggage and jet-lag. But loving every second of it.

P.S. If you’re looking for some fantastic tips, tricks and stories about living out of your suitcase, check out our own Cora Rodenbusch‘s Digital Nomad posts

Needs: Connectivity on the go, a power source, video meetings.


Coworking is a happy medium between the home and office. You maintain a healthy separation between your home and office, but still get to see the same people everyday and collaborate with like-minded people. Coworking has exploded in the past couple years with over 1,300 coworking spaces sprouting up around the world. Websites like make it easy to find and secure a work station by the day, month or even year.

Needs: Affordable office space, dedicated desk, collaboration.

What did we miss? Where do you fit in? And do your needs line up with the ones listed here?

Image Source: The Office Stylist

Source: iMeet