Even when you’re working in a job or business you’re passionate about, there are times when you just dread Mondays.  It’s definitely the case when you’re a busy working parent, having just enjoyed a really great weekend.  Perhaps you had your partner with you sharing the load, or maybe you just did something you don’t have time to do during the week?

Whatever the situation may be, dreading Mondays is something you’ve probably experienced a few times.  I know I certainly have, so I figured this would be a topic well worth writing a blog post about.  In my time as a working mum, I’ve found a few things have really worked for me, to help me minimise the incidence of Mondayitis in my life – and maybe these things might help you.

First of all, ease into the day

With hubby leaving the house for work, I find that having an enjoyable breakfast with my daughter is a great way to start Mondays.  It’s how I ease into my Monday, and it helped my daughter ease into her day as well, back before she goes to school.  They say it’s the simple things in life that are the best, and you’ll agree when you use this technique to welcome Monday in.  Have a great breakfast, and enjoy every moment of it.

Get started on your must-do tasks – the momentum will get you going

Procrastination is what really causes Mondayitis for so many people, but the key to overcoming that is momentum.  In other words, just get started!  Start on those difficult tasks first – the ones you might otherwise be inclined to leave until the end of the day, or end of the week, because you just don’t want to do them.  Knock these out of the way, and not only will they be behind you, but you’ll have momentum going to help you get the other tasks done.

Make available some time for time-wasting

I’m talking here about those things you do, just so you give yourself an excuse to procrastinate on the stuff you really need to do, but don’t want to do!  Things like Facebook (I know, I’m a Facebook addict too!), reading personal emails, bidding on eBay, etc.  Make some time in your day for this stuff, so you’re not depriving yourself of the fun!

Scatter your tasks across your entire working week

This way you’ll never have a day where you’re totally swamped with tasks.  By spreading tasks out, you allow yourself the time to do what you need to do.  And you won’t ever feel as though you’re being totally swamped for tasks on Mondays – something that when unchecked, can certainly contribute to increased incidences of Mondayitis.

Make sure you’re doing what you love

Because when you’re doing what you love, it really doesn’t seem like work at all!  If there are things you are doing that you really hate, consider outsourcing and see your sanity return and your Mondayitis reduced!

So as you can see, these are tips that can certainly help you keep that dreaded Mondayitis at bay once and for all!

See how much of a difference they can make to your life – and enjoy, instead of dread, your Mondays!

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