There just never seems like there’s enough hours in getting a good night’s sleep.

Instead of being able to close your eyes and rest easy, your mind’s working overtime thinking about what you missed out on and what still needs to be done and before you know it, the alarm’s gone off and it’s time to do it all over again!


But how much is ever really enough?

According to The Sleep Foundation, there is no real magic number. How much sleep we need depends on our age and on the individual themselves since no two people can possibly sleep the same. While some of us need a full eight hours, others are able to manage on just three or four hours a night and still able to get through the day (Lucky them!)

It also depends on a person’s ‘sleep debt,’ referring to the amount of sleep we lose due to illness, environment or poor sleeping habits. Two studies in particular referenced by The Sleep Foundation suggest that the average adult needs around eight hours of sleep a night to be well-rested.

To develop better sleeping habits, The Sleep Foundation suggests establishing consistent bedtimes and to exercise regularly. Also keep your bedroom quiet and free from any distractions such as TV or using your laptop and to sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillows, and to wind down an hour or so before bed by having a warm bath or listening to music. It’s also good to avoid having caffeine and alcohol to close to bedtime.

It may not be easy to stay on top of our sleeping patterns, but with a few changes here and there over time every little bit can count.

Hopefully, this information will help you to sleep easy tonight!