Parents@Work – Australia’s working parent, flexible work and gender equality specialists – have launched a first-of-its-kind online training resource and coaching portal to assist organisations to improve and sustain a family friendly and flexible workplace.

The Parents@Work portal™ will support businesses to comply with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (WGEA), created to improve gender performance in Australian workplaces. Organisations with more than 100 staff are required to report annually against a set of six standardised gender equality indicators (GEI). The indicators address the gender composition of the workforce, equal remuneration between women and men and employment practices relating to flexible working arrangements to support employees with family or caring responsibilities. Reporting obligations are to be enforced in full by 2013-2014.

Helen Conway, Director, Workplace Gender Equality Agency comments: “The changes will increase Australia’s productivity and improve business performance by empowering organisations to harness all of the nation’s talent.”

The Parents@Work portal™ provides parental leave policies and procedures including an explanation of relevant legislative requirements and checklists for managers to keep abreast of rights and responsibilities. The portal also includes return to work resources like planning tools, a Career Coach booking function, an employee chat forum, childcare search and access to parenting and health professionals. The portal can be customised with company branding and unique information such as in-house events, training and organisation-specific policies.

Joining forces with human resource specialists and an expert website development team Parents@Work have designed the user-friendly and interactive portal to give employees and their managers access to the most comprehensive information and resources available to meet the GEIs.

Emma Walsh, Founder, Parents@Work comments: “The Parents@Work Portal is an excellent resource for employers and their working parents. It helps organisations create a fair and competitive workplace for both mums and dads. Not only do we need to ensure women’s rights are nurtured through equal pay and superannuation support but we also need to encourage men to take parental leave and work more flexibly. It’s crucial we support men as well as women in those early years of parenthood as both struggle with the demands that a busy career and family life throw at them. Ultimately job satisfaction, motivation and productivity are impacted and that’s where we hope the Parents@Work Portal™ will make a difference.”

Emma continues: “Parents@Work will be a key provider in helping organisations meet their new obligations and improve performance. We work with employers to make lasting cultural and structural change and our portal is an ideal tool to help them prepare for the new legislative requirements.”
By using the Parents@Work portal companies can more easily improve gender equality in the workplace. Equal remuneration for women and men, recognised family and caring responsibilities, and improved productivity and competitiveness are some of the benefits companies will see when meeting the new Government standards.

Parents@Work also published this year a free downloadable e-book 10 Tips to Create a Family Friendly Workplace via its website. The e-book further elaborates on research statistics and offers practical solutions for organisations to implement.



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