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Work At Home Mums helps educate, encourage and empower mums to achieve the work at home life they want.

Work At Home Mums (#WAHM) is a lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting home based professionals in their quest for success and work life balance. An online community and network for women working from home and for those who would like to.

Whether you’re here for our jobs board, looking for business ideas or simply to read the latest blog posts, you’re in good company and among friends.

While mums are what we know about best, we hope that dads, carers, those with a disability and others who live in remote and rural communities, or who are unable to leave home and seeking home based work and telework jobs will also find the  information on Work At Home Mums relevant and useful to you.

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Common Scams in Australia

Common Scams in Australia

We’ve all had those emails. The one’s written in barely legible English letting us know about our great uncle we’ve never heard of that has no other living relatives and has left 2 million dollars if you just give them your bank account and personal details. The most...

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How To Start A Business From Home While On Maternity Leave

How To Start A Business From Home While On Maternity Leave

When you are up at 3am with a crying baby, thinking about running a business seems impossible but it might just be the perfect time to start. Children have a great way of bringing the important things in life into perspective – the time you have with them is precious...

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