When you have kids and are working, either from home or not, you seem to be perpetually busy. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for me time, including self care such a getting a massage.

In my life before WAHM I am actually a 2x Australian Olympian. I have 2 kids (so 18 months of being pregnant – isn’t that fun on your muscles) and I work from home running a few websites, which means I’m always on the computer sitting at my desk. What does this all mean when put together? I have a multitude of back and neck pain. And not must time to go and get a massage or head to the physio.

Because of this, I’ve tried a lot of home remedies. Massage mats, massage cushions, those u-shaped things that go around your neck, even handheld massagers. None of them were particularly successful, mostly because I couldn’t actually get the massage onto the muscle that really needed it. The other problem they seem to have is either such little power it kind of felt like I was just being walked on by a cat, or the knobs on them were so hard and uncomfortable it hurt more and defeated the purpose of the massage.

The Hydragun

Hydragun in box

So I recently tried a Hydragun, which is what is known as a massage gun. The Hydragun, like most massage guns works on percussive massage therapy. There are a few types around, from the cheaper end (about $100 – $150 mark) to the not even remotely cheap (up to $900).

The Hydragun is in the middle range at $399 and although that’s not exactly cheap, it does come with the Hydragun and 6 massage heads for any type of massage or muscle. It does feel like good quality when you use it, and I have no issues with ever thinking it’s going to break. It also comes in a great hard case with a place for the gun, all the heads and charger.

The design is quite simple, with a massage head at one end, the power buttons at the other end and then a handle coming down. It has 6 levels of massage power with a simple one click to cycle through. I mostly use level 2 or 3 and find those strong enough, as I’m not doing major things with my muscles, just trying to relieve the tension from my regular day, or help some muscle recovery after a workout. The speed you have it at will definitely be a personal preference, but it gives you enough variety that everyone should find a setting they like.

The Hydragun comes with 6 heads. One ball, one forked, one pointed and three flat. I mostly use the ball one on my lower back and right hip and glute, as I find that the best one to access that area while doing it myself. I’ve also used the ball and fork on my neck and shoulders with great success. They are very easy to pull out and change over.

It’s not completely silent, but I can sit and use it at the end of the day while watching TV and not notice the noise or even need to turn up the tv from our normal level. I initially looked at the shape and did wonder if I was going to be able to successfully use it by myself on my back (my main problem area), and it was actually much easier than I thought it would be.

It is just over 1kg and although not heavy, because most of the weight is in the motor I find it a little bit unbalanced. It’s not hard to use though and it certainly doesn’t impede the ability to manoeuvre it into the right position, it was just something I noticed.

It is wireless and runs on a rechargeable battery. Much better then having to sit somewhere near a plug and get tangled up in a cord like my first handheld massager. The battery life is quite impressive too. I started this week with a full battery and have used it every night and haven’t even come close to running out yet. It does take a while to charge (a few hours) and comes with its own charger rather than a USB which so many things seem to have these days. But as downsides go I suppose that’s not really too much of a major one.

I use my Hydragun mostly at the end of the day when I’m relaxing before bed. I use it to take the stress and tightness out of my muscles after sitting at a computer, running around after kids and just general life. And it’s done it’s job. I find my neck much better after just 10 minutes with this massage gun and it certainly stops headaches coming up from my neck. I also have lower back soreness from my sporting days and it’s really nice to just sit and massage that for 10 minutes before bed. I’ve found it great on my neck and shoulders and it really takes the tension out.

It’s also fantastic after a workout when your muscles are a screaming at you saying ‘why did you do that to me?’ I’m also finding it helping when I use it alongside my stretching as I’m trying to gain back some more flexibility (where does that go by the end of your 30’s?)

Honestly I’m so glad I found this thing. My neck alone is thanking me and at the price of 4 massage sessions, it is also going to save me money (and time) in the long run.

So if your want to try out the Hydragun for yourself head over there now. For the next 7 days (beginning 11th Dec 2020) if you use the code WAHM50 you can get $50 off your purchase (this is not an affiliate link and we get nothing from the purchase, you just get a discount).