If you are finding hard to stay awake in the office, you are losing your focus. You are unable to complete your work on time or are struggling each day to make sure it is completed.

You might find yourself wasting time by talking to your co-workers, chatting with your friends’ online, or playing games on the internet. Your inability to work is due to your failure of maintaining your focus. If the boss catches you slacking away, it will be off with your head. To preserve your head, you need to learn how to maintain your focus at work:

1.     Give Your Brain Work

Your brain becomes exhausted every day because you overload it with work. You continue to work on one task for a prolong period of time, which tires your brain and you. After that, you are not able to focus on a new task, as your brain has had enough of work that day. The remedy is to break up the amount of your work you have, dividing them into chunks. If you are working on something from 9 PM to 12 PM, work on something else after 12Pm instead of working on the same thing.

2.     Give Yourself a Reward for Your Good work

If you think you have worked like a champ for a good amount of time, you need to reward yourself for your efforts. Instead of going over to a friend’s desk to talk, you can surf the internet for a few minutes. Visit Facebook, Twitter, or some gaming site. If one of your friends is also rewarding him or herself at the same time, talk to each other about how well you two are doing. You can schedule to have your rewards at the same time as each other.

3.     Listen to Music

Perhaps, tuning out the entire office will help you maintain your focus. If music is your key to maintaining your focus, let the music ring in your ear. Put on your headphones and get to work. Try different genres of music to see which one motivates you to increase your speed and keep up your focus. Sometimes your favourite genre makes us want to sing the tuned in our head than work.

4.     Become Invisible

If you want everyone to leave you alone, but they still keep coming to you to talk because you are the coolest person in the office, you need to take drastic measures. You need to disappear from Facebook chat, set you are busy message on your desk, and wear your headphones (even if you are not listening to music) to show people you are in the work zone.

5.     Be Passionate about What You Do

Do you even like your job? Even if you follow all we have mentioned above, none will work if you hate your job. If getting up in the morning to come to work is a pain, you need to resign and find yourself another job.

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