If you’re tired of always being the last parent to pick up your child from daycare, consider this: are you working as smart as you can?

Clocking in extra hours doesn’t always mean you’re working harder. While it’s no secret that workplace pressure continues to rise, it’s nearly impossible to leave the office on time if you’re not working efficiently from 9 to 5, regardless of what’s on your plate.

If you’re ready to rid your child’s status of the last one standing (at daycare), here are 7 habits to get you working smarter so you can leave work on time, guilt-free.

Quick Summary

Do the Hard Stuff First

(Mentally) Prepare for 5PM

Take More Breaks (To Avoid Burnout)

Don’t Multitask

Protect Your Priorities

Give Yourself Transition Time

Know That Work Will Be There Tomorrow, And the Day After


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7 Productivity Tips for Working Parents…So You Can Leave Work at 5PM Guilt-Free

Working too many late nights? Here are 7 productivity tips to help you leave the office on time, and guilt-free.