One of the hardest things about returning to work after maternity leave is wondering if your career has started to pass you by, or even if you want to go back to the same thing. With all the changes in technology over the years, you might be faced with a different career landscape than what you were going for when you were fresh faced and starting University for the first time.

If you’re thinking about making a change in your career or perhaps getting back to work after a time out, doing a master’s degree could be a good way to do it. It might be a while since you earned your bachelor’s degree, but it’s still worth a lot. You can build on it with another degree, and even study online or part-time.


Many people choose to get a career in education as a second career. You might already have an area of expertise that you want to teach to older pupils, or you might want to study education for younger children or even adults. Most people don’t realise that if you already have a bachelor’s degree in something, then you may not need to complete another full bachelor’s degree to become a teacher, but rather a graduate diploma of teaching or master of education.


A financial master’s degree could really boost your income, whether you already work in finance or you’re looking for a career change. Other master’s degrees in business topics such as accounting or business economics could help your career too. They can give you a better foundation in the key business skills and knowledge the allow you to go further.


If you already have a degree in science, progressing to a master’s can allow you to find new opportunities. A master’s degree in biology can increase your income and open up new career paths too.

Data Science

If you have experience with technology or a strong interest in it and you’re good with numbers, data science could be for you. Big data is helping businesses to get a better understanding of how to operate better, but they need data experts to help them make the most of it.

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