Mums who work full-time are 18% more stressed than others according to a study. Those who work full-time with more than one kid shows stress levels 40 per cent above normal. The stress level isn’t necessarily lower for those who work from home. Motherhood is challenging and taking care of multiple members of the family leaves almost no leisure time left. Thus, it is not surprising that many women simply don’t have time to invest in beauty routines.

But wellbeing, fitness and beauty are important aspects of individual happiness. 80 per cent of Australian women are discontent with their bodies. Low self-esteem due to body image issues is a growing problem across all ages. We all deserve to not only feel beautiful but feel healthy – the best versions of ourselves we can be. If you are struggling to find time for self care as a working mum, here are some tips to help you beautify yourself without huge time commitment.

Getting Rid of Your Mummy Tummy

15-20% of mums will gain and retain 5kgs of weight a year after giving birth. On average, it could take up to 18 months to return to their pre-pregnancy weight. It is extremely challenging to find time to shed the extra kilos when you have a newborn child and have to return to work. In addition, about half of the women experience diastasis recti after giving birth, commonly known as the ‘mummy tummy’. Diastasis recti is a condition where abdominal muscles are separated during pregnancy but do not heal back postpartum, making the belly bulge out.

Many women try dieting many times in their lives, before and after their pregnancy. An average woman spends 31 years of her life dieting to lose weight. Thus, having conditions such as diastasis recti is a great source of stress for mums. For some women, diastasis recti is an incurable condition. Cosmetic procedures such as body sculpting is the only option to help heal the body and stay in shape. This advancement in cosmetic innovations gives mums a fast, guaranteed way of regaining their confidence and boosting their body image. Combined with regular exercise, the effects of these procedures will last you a long, long time. Make sure to consult with experts from specialised and experienced clinics such as Cosmos Clinic to make sure you are able to do it safely.

Never Doing Makeup Again

Even doing makeup each day can be burdensome for many mums, not to mention the fact that putting makeup on isn’t great for your skin. Eyebrows require a surprising amount of upkeep. Shaping and painting your eyebrow daily may seem like a luxury you no longer have time to afford. Beauty experts have refined the art of eyeliner tattoos over time to be more painless, look more natural, and last longer. Finer needles are used now to create a more natural look. You will always look well-made and freshened up without having to draw on your eyes ever again. Microblading, a similar procedure for eyebrows, is now gaining popularity fast across the globe. Nowadays you can pick your colour, shape, and other features to fit your style preferences. With eyeliner tattoo and microblading, you have no need to apply makeup any day. Doesn’t that sound like a dream?

Use Two-in-One Products

Every second saved in your beauty routine is precious as you will likely only be motivated to stick to it if it’s short and sweet. Two-in-one products, once frowned upon as lower-quality products which only get the job done 50% of the way, have now become favourite lifehacks of many. Now many of our favourite brands offer combined shampoo and conditioner in one bottle without delivering less. This trend is also popular for dry-shampoos as well, which is very handy for working women.

There are many other kinds of two-in-one products designed to save time. One of the best products developed in recent beauty history is a BB (blemish base) cream. It combined moisturiser, foundation, and sunscreen all in one (so technically, it’s three-in-one). BB cream makes daily skincare incredibly simple. Why buy and apply multiple layers of cream when one can do just about everything you need?