When it comes to sleeping, are you a king or a queen?

I must admit, I used to think a king size mattress was overkill. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be all snuggly with your partner in a Queen size bed (even I’ll admit a double is a bit too close when there’s two of you). But now that there’s a husband, 2 kids and a cat in this household, I’m starting to think a king mattress from Fantastic Furniture is the way to go.

So here’s a few things to consider if you’re thinking of a king mattress.

The bedroom. King mattresses are big. But although they are wider than a queen (by 30cm if you want some dimensions) most are not actually longer. So, if you are looking at your room thinking I’ll never get a big bed in here, you actually only need one wide wall, not a whole palace of a bedroom.

Remember those lazy weekend mornings when you’d lay in bed with your partner or read or do anything but get up? Yeah, me neither. What I have now, is a child coming in at some ridiculous hour for a Sunday, who we put in the middle of us so we can hopefully get an extra hour’s sleep (and once the second one gets out of her cot, there’ll be two). Not so comfy with a queen mattress, but a king? You can get that extra hour (sometimes even more) and not get kicked in the side! Winning. PS. If they don’t want to sleep, an iPad with the ABC Kids app is your friend.

Personal space. Did you know that if you’re sleeping in a queen bed with your partner you have less space than if you were sleeping in a single bed? And although we all love a good cuddle, when it comes to sleeping most of us sleep better when you have your own space. Do you or your partner toss and turn a lot, disturbing the other? Do you like to spread out? If you’re one of those, a king mattress should be a consideration.

Manchester. This may seem like a negative, but can definitely be turned positive. King mattresses aren’t common. Most people choose a queen. And while the bigger size means for slightly more expensive doona’s and sheets, the uncommonness of the sizing means you can find a lot of king sized manchester at a discount when homewares stores are trying to get rid of unsold stuff. Always look in the bargain bin.

And they’re just plain roomy. Got a partner? Won’t notice them. Kids? Not a problem. Cat or dog? Plenty of room at the feet.

When buying a mattress, remember to think of what it will be used for. How many people are going to be sleeping on it? What are the size of those people? Is there enough room to get a good night’s sleep? And don’t forget to make sure it’s comfortable!