Corporate life is both exciting and stressful. One minute, you’re rushing to meet a deadline. The next minute, you’re having a nice quiet coffee break. On some days, you just want to scream because of the sheer volume of work you need to accomplish on a deadline.

I admit that there are moments when I really miss the daily grind of corporate life. I miss the camaraderie with my work colleagues, the brainstorming sessions where we come up with great ideas, and the occasional pay increase, oh and the great long lunches with the boss (his shout).

Since becoming a work at home mum, there are also a lot of things that I don’t miss. These are the things that made office life unbearable and stressful on occasions.

1. Office politics

Office politics should be healthy but in most cases, things can get dirty and downright ugly. The bigger the company is, the more likely that office politics are more vicious. It can be stressful to get involved in office politics. It’s even more overwhelming if you’re in the middle of two people at war.

2. Annoying workers

Remember that office mate who comes in late every single day? Or that girl from the mailroom who gossips about other people, including you? How about that colleague who likes taking pens from your desk and never returns them? And then there is Sue from Accounts who eats Tuna on toast for lunch at her desk every day.

Your work colleagues can be your best ally but some can also be very annoying. Fortunately as a work-at-home mum I don’t have to deal with these idiosyncrancies on a daily basis.

3. Daily commute

The daily commute can cause major headaches. Parents often feel guilty and stressed because the time spent on commuting could have been time spent for the family. As a work-at-home mum I feel very fortunate and I love my daily 10 second commute each day.

4. Late nights at the office

Working late nights come with corporate life. And just like daily commutes, this is another thing that many parents feel guilty about. Sure, I admit, I might still work late but these usually occur occasionally. And you can always tell yourself that you’re at home and not far from your family.

5. Office rumors

Every office has a resident rumor-monger, the person who seems to know everything about everyone. At some point, you may have been the subject of his juicy news. Luckily, as a work-at-home mum, I no longer have to deal with that. Okay, your neighbor may be a little bit nosy but it’s not the same thing. And you can just choose to ignore her.

6. The boss

One of the main reasons that employees quit is because of the boss. Leadership styles vary and one style may not fit an employee’s taste. Some bosses can be overbearing while others can be too relaxed. If you’ve had a boss who’s a slave driver or a real nut job, this is definitely one thing you will not miss once you made the switch from being a corporate slave to a work-at-home diva.

Corporate work can be fun but if you’ve had it your way, these are things you would want to do without. And fortunately as a work-at-home mum, I never have to deal with this again.

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