Congrats to all of you who have just started out running your own business from home!  The journey is exciting, yet rewarding and challenging – but one definitely well worth embarking on.

With quite a few years of experience behind me working from home as an entrepreneur, I’ve dealt with my fair share of obstacles along the way.  All of which have been valuable for my learning and my success.  One obstacle confronting many people operating a business from home is this how to look professional working from home.

How to maintain a professional image, even if my business is a home business

As great as it is to run a business from home, unfortunately the term “home business” can conjure up negative connotations.  The idea that the business may be more of a hobby, or perhaps that because the business is based from home, it’s really only in its infancy and therefore ‘fledgling’.

In reality though, we know that more often than not, this isn’t the case at all.  Home businesses are often every bit as professional in their operations as those based in commercial premises.

So, the million dollar question of how to look professional, even if you’re working from home in your pajamas?


  • Invest money in professional branding and marketing:  I’m talking here about your logo, your website, your business stationery, your marketing material.  Hire graphic designers, professional web designers and copywriters to make your home business look a million bucks!
  • Avoid using the term home business:  You want to look every bit as professional as a business operating out of a commercial premises, so in all of your marketing and correspondence to prospects and customers, give the impression that you are a successful business.
  • Answer your phone professionally:  When the phone rings, always ensure you answer it with a professional greeting – just as you would working for a boss in an office.  Answer using words such as, “(Your business name), this is (your name)”.
  • If you hire freelancers or contractors who work from home:  If a call  or email comes in, requesting contact with one of these people, advise that the individual is unavailable at the moment and ask that they return the call or email.  This gives the impression that you all work together under the one roof.  It also gives the impression that you run a tight team – just as would be the case if you had an office of employees.
  • Get a post office box: This is actually for two reasons, both professional look and security. A PO Box can look like you operate out of a place that would make it hard for reliable mail delivery (office block, shopping center etc). But an added benefit is that no correspondence from your business (for example letters, business cards or marketing material) will have your home address on it. Great for keeping things separate and it ensures that only people you allow will know where you live.

Just five tips…but they’re priceless when it comes to your business image and can ensure you look professional working from home!

See your business as a successful and legitimate business, and ensure that you convey professionalism at every level – from your dealings with prospects and customers, right through to your corporate image and marketing collateral.

By doing these things alone, it’s amazing just how much business you’ll be able to attract – and nobody will have any idea you’re really working from home in your pj’s at all!