Need something for the kids to go these school holidays? Do you have a child in primary school who would love to learn how to create an app? Code Camp teaches kids how to code and create their own iPhone apps. They teach how to code from basic drag and drop through to JavaScript. They have 4 programs tailored to age and skill and will be running these school holidays in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

Code Camp Programs

Little League – Years K-1 – Our little coders make their first small but important leap from consumers to creators of tech!  Our experienced teachers use a range of iPad based coding tools mixed with a healthy dose of offline activities to promote collaboration, creativity and teamwork.

Spark – Years 2-7 – Our most known Code Camp which more than 10,000 students have completed and LOVED! Code Camp Spark is where every student in years 2-7 should start their Code Camp journey.

Ignite – Years 2-7 that have completed the spark program- Easter 2017:  Brand new Code Camp lesson plans and software for our returning students! Returning students will build on their skills and create new apps with increasingly complex logic, more code and problem solving.

Leap – Years 2-7 that have completed the spark and ignite program – We’ve developed our own software to teach you the language of the web, JavaScript! Code Camp Leap is for our students who have conquered the Spark and Ignite camps and are ready to take on the world!

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