Many mums have found success as part of a multi-level marketing company. They might sell skincare or makeup products or seasonings for cooking. The mums who have found success have all found the right company for them, the company that pays well and that provides them with that they need to make their business work for them.

How can you find the right MLM company for you?

Think about asking yourself (and the company) the right questions.

What is your take?

This is, how much do you get from each sale? This number can vary widely from company to company so pay attention to this information when you do your research. Less is not necessarily bad. If you sell products that people will buy more than one of (say, beauty products), and you get a small percentage of the sale, you’ll likely will do well if people buy several items each time they make a purchase.

Conversely, you might get a lager percentage on some sales, but if people buy those items rarely and only make single purchases, your take might actually be lower than someone else who sells smaller items and takes a smaller cut.

There is no set standard here, but make sure that you can make enough sales to meet your income goals. Ask other team members how they do and how much they sell to meet their individual income goals.

How likely will people be to buy the product?

There’s a general consensus among people who sell products for MLM companies that consumable products are the best to sell. That is, products that people use or eat and then need more of. This might be items skincare and makeup, and food products. It can also be products for a hobby, since once the item is used, the customer might want more of that product or a similar product so they can continue their hobby.

In some cases, it can be hard to build a customer base that will come back to you again and again for a particular product. If you decide to sign up with a home décor company, as a representative, for example, you might do well selling to people but those people aren’t going to need more of your product. They might come to you when they need a gift, or they are redecorating a room, but they won’t consume the products the same way they will consume their food products, or need to replace their makeup products.

Of course, you should go with your interests, so if you are more interested in home décor items, then by all means sell them. Your passion for the product will also bring people to you for help and word of mouth will get out that ensures people know you are a good person to buy from.

What is the reputation of the company?

This is important, because the reputation of the company dictates the kind of experience you can expect to have and the experience your customers can expect to have. What do we mean by this? Simply put, if the company has a poor reputation, you will have a tough time selling, no matter how good they are to you.

Ask questions of current and former representatives of a company you are thinking of working for. What kinds of experiences did they have? If they report that their commission was good and they enjoyed some of the perks the company offered, but said that often they ship slowly and bill incorrectly, you need to think twice before signing up. Even if they treat their consultants like kings and queens, your customer will feel slighted if they too are not treated well. In the end, it’s the customer who matters, so make sure that company is one that your customers will enjoy dealing with. And also make sure you are prepared to be the face of that company, even when things don’t go smoothly.

Working as a rep for a MLM company can be very rewarding if you find just the right one.

Do your research and make sure that a particular company is the right tone for you.