How to Feng Shui Your Home Office

For mothers, working from home comes with lots of benefits such as flexible work hours, more time with your kids, and ability to choose the clients you want to work with. However, there are challenges that people face when they work from a home office. You might not know this but the setup of your home office largely influences your motivation to work and productivity. For those who have chosen to work from home, you can use Feng shui to bring energy into your home office so as to increase your creativity and boost your productivity.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art that was started over 3000 years ago and teaches you how to balance the energy in different spaces, such as home or office so as to achieve good fortunes. We all know that good fortunes not only come from a successful career but also from a happy and fulfilling relationship. To achieve this balance, Feng shui has useful tips that you can use in different aspects of your life. If you ask anybody who is working from home what is their biggest challenge, they will probably tell you it is balancing their home life and work life. Here, we are going to look at Feng shui home office tips that can bring energy to your work life and improve your personal life.

feng shui your home office

Image used with permission from Canvas Factory

Separate your home office from your bedroom

The first Feng shui home office tip is to separate your bedroom from your home office. If your home layout allows you to have a separate access to your home office the better. In case this is not possible, at least make sure there is enough division between your bedroom and home office. Having a home office near your bedroom is not a good idea because it interferes with your personal life and work life. Separating your home office from your bedroom is a wonderful starting point of having a good Feng shui home office.

Decorate your home office inspiration, productivity and success in mind

To have that high energy Feng shui home office, hang pictures, images and career memorabilia that showcase what you want to achieve. Also, use appropriate décor materials and Feng shui colours to spruce up your home office so that it motivates you and makes you feel successful. Don’t be afraid to fully express your creativity and what you want to achieve through your home décor.

Pay attention to natural lighting and quality air

Working in a dark office will drain you of your energy, which is why it is advisable you avoid basement and other dim room. In case your brain is lacking adequate oxygen to think clearly, you will find it hard working from your home office. Feng shui focuses on quality air and natural lighting of your home office, so that it can bring energy to your space and enhance your personal energy. Consider using plants that purify the air and full spectrum lights in your home office.

Arrange your office desk according to the command position

In Feng shui home office, you are supposed to place your desk in one of the command or power positions so that you can see the people who are entering your office. The door is where the stream of energy comes from. Having your desk next to the door is not a good position. Instead, choose the opposite side of the door as a command position to place your desk. An ideal Feng shui home office should have your back against the wall so that you can see the entire room. This will make you feel like you are in command and authority.

Feng shui home office tip advocates for decluttering your space

Working in a cluttered space drains your energy. You can set aside a day on your calendar to declutter your home office so that you can let energy flow freely in your space. This will go a long way in improving your motivation and bring the energy to work from your home office.