Many children are killed or injured in car crashes every year. Some of these deaths and injuries could be prevented or reduced if the right child car seat is used correctly

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Child Car Seats is an initiative of the Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP), a consortium of government agencies and motorist organisations who share a common interest in improving safety for children travelling in vehicles. CREP aims to provide consumers with information to help choose and use safe child car seats and to apply commercial and public consumer pressure on car seat manufacturers to only market seats that perform well beyond the requirements of the Australian Standard.

All child car seats on this website meet the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754. However, this sets the minimum safety requirements for child car seats, and CREP encourages consumers to choose and use child car seats that far exceed these minimum requirements. CREP also provides feedback to the Australian Standard Committee on child car seats to help improve the Standard, and to car seat manufacturers so that they can continue to improve their products.

CREP provides consumers with independent and consistent information on the levels of child protection from injury in a crash provided by child car seats and the ease with which they can be used correctly.

CREP is a partnership between:

  • Transport for NSW (TfNSW)
  • The National Roads & Motorists’ Association
  • Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV)
  • Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
  • VicRoads and
  • The Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia (Kidsafe Australia)