When your baby boy turns 21, he’s at an age where Transformers and football shirts just aren’t cool enough anymore! He’s no longer a teenager but a man now, and has reached a very special age which requires a big gift. This should be something that he can remember for many years to come and actually have some practicality for his life in the adult world.  If you’re really struggling for ideas, then consider one of the following gifts.

A tailored suit

Suits straight off-the-rack are usually good enough, but it can often happen that the fit is just not quite right. Finding the perfect suit can take a lot of shopping trips and time trying on different sizes, but to avoid all that, simply get a tailored suit. They tend to be more expensive, but your son will feel more confident to wear the suit when he knows it’s made exactly for his measurements. We are often self-conscious about our image at this age, so getting clothes that fit perfectly is important. Also, the materials used are far more superior and will last a long time – great for job interviews, weddings, or wherever else he might wear one.

Luxury watch

Many gadgets come and go throughout our lives, but a luxury watch (when taken care of) has the chance to last a lifetime and be passed on to further generations. There’s something so classy and old-school about wearing a mechanical watch that’s been designed and engineered to perfection. The smartwatch craze might well die out in the next five years, so avoid a Fitbit or Apple Watch at all costs. Instead, get something with a good brand name but nothing so lavish like a Rolex or Omega. Seiko is a cool Japanese brand which makes several elegant models, and you can even look on Chrono24 to find a cheaper second-hand option.

Apple MacBook Pro

So much of our lives is connected to technology, so we might as well embrace it and use the best. Anything made by Apple is pretty hard to beat, from the design to the processors and memory, Apple laptops have it all. The MacBook Pro is really where it’s at when it comes to premium laptops. Any 21-year-old will need a laptop for writing essays, using Photoshop, watching Netflix, listening to Spotify or simply browsing the internet. For any creative person, the Macs come with so much built-in software, such as GarageBand, iMovie, Photos, and iCloud for storing files and documents. If your son doesn’t have a laptop or is in need of a new one, a MacBook Pro will put a smile on his face and make it the gift of a lifetime.

Weekend trip

Finally, how about buying him and a friend a weekend trip to an Australian city? Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated, and there are few things more considerate than booking flights and a hotel! Whether you go for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, or anywhere else, try to book somewhere that will be exciting and new to your son – the gift of travel is something that is never forgotten!