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Sometimes the biggest hurdle we can come across as a work at home mum (WAHM) is finding space in which we can concentrate. After all, most homes are busy, hectic, and sometimes chaotic places. Yes, it’s great to be in thick of it most of the time, on occasion, it will be necessary to focus only on the work task you have in front of you. Luckily, it is totally viable for WAHMs to cultivate an office space that is conducive to concentration and getting things done. Keep reading to find out how.

how to concentrate on working at home

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Consider the location

Where you decide to put your office space can have a significant effect on whether it’s conducive to concentration or not. For example, an office that is located in the garden, in an attic, or in a part of the home that is less used will usually be quieter, and result in fewer interruptions throughout the day.

However, WAHMS may have to compromise on this because they want to be able to supervise the children, as well as crack on with the tasks they have to do. In that case, an office closer to the commotion is better, but just remember to fit it with a sturdy door. Then, when someone else is watching the kids, you can close the door and grab a few minutes where you can focus solely on the job you are working on.

Work on the design

The design of your home office space will also have an enormous impact on how conducive to concentration it is. In particular, it’s wise to consider the layout and the direction that you will face your desk, as many people find it more pleasing to look out of a window while working. However, if you struggle with focus, it can be more productive to turn the desk around the other way, as this can prevent you being distracted by what is going on in the street or garden outside.

Also, remember that the amount of natural light and the pieces of furniture that you choose can make all the difference in your office. This is because they will help you to create a professional the environment that doesn’t interrupt your focus when working.

To that end, it’s best to best invest in office furniture from providers like Civic Australia that offer a range of stylish and functional items. Pieces that you will have no trouble fitting in with your home office design.

Clean it regularly

Sadly, one of the disadvantages of being a WAHM is that no office cleaner comes in every night o make sure that your bins are emptied, carpets vacuumed, and computers cleaned. That means to keep your office space in the best condition you will need to do these jobs yourself.

Happily, they don’t take too long, and if you follow the tips in this post it should l make them even easier. I know cleaning is the last thing we WAHMS want to do, but when it comes to concentration, it’s impossible to stay focused in a messy and dirty space. Therefore, once in a while, you will need to get those rubber gloves on and get cleaning!


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