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Being a work at home mum isn’t always easy, now is it? After packing the lunches, rounds to soccer practice, and sending the little kiddies off to bed, some mums can find it difficult to keep up with their family and work. How can you balance this out, mum?

Well, here are some ideas and jobs to keep in mind while being a work at home mummy.

Did you know that customer service is one of the most widely recognised work-at-home categories? It’s just as simple as calling your friends and letting them know where the nearest cafe is! You’d be very surprised to how much your social skills improve by simply giving off useful information to a customer in need. I would personally give this a try if I were a mum who loved to talk on the phone. Why not give this a try?

An advertising job should also be kept in mind when seeking jobs at home. These advertising jobs are being transformed into telecommunication positions that are available at any level – beginner, to professional. So a worry of skill requirement wouldn’t be the first thing on your mind.

Are you a mum who loves writing, and even enjoys doing it in your free time? Well, look no more. A job to look into for writing is a Grant-Writer and Manager. Grant writer positions are found to be at the cutting edge of work at home jobs in 2013. These professionals can work with clients to prep proposals and grant applications from their own home and offices! Just as any other virtual job, communication skills are very important for this home grant writing position.

Teaching! That’s right,virtual teaching! Your not seeing things, mum! Virtual teaching has now gone virtual! Over thousands of  schools and academies are looking for top notch teachers to recruit for all types of teaching positions. These positions are available from K-12th.

These are just some a many different types of jobs to keep in mind as a work at home mum. Good luck, and stay strong.

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