We have all seen those people in the office, are glued to their computers all day and never stop for lunch.

They are there in the morning when we arrive and are still hard at it when we’re calling it quits for the day.

Do they keep a change of clothes in their drawer and never actually go home?

Are you one of them? Or is work just starting to take over your world?

Is this really what you want out of life?

The Australian Work and Life Index (AWALI) survey 2014 found that regardless of the hours worked, women have higher work-life interference than men. This can cause excess stress and when you are constantly feeling stressed your mind and body can suffer.

Benefits of a Healthy Work Life Balance

There are many benefits to keeping a good work / life balance including reduced stress levels, higher job satisfaction, being able to enjoy and participate in family and social life, more time for personal hobbies and better health. But most people have trouble figuring out how to achieve that perfect level between what we need to do to earn money and survive and what we would like to be doing. So how can it be achieved?

  • Prioritise and set goals. Obviously sometimes there are commitments that you have to adhere to but if you prioritise what you value the most it will go a long way to having a feeling of contentment in what you are doing.
  • Create boundaries. Work is work and leave it as such. When you’re spending time on hobbies or with family, leave your work behind and concentrate on the enjoyment of what you are currently doing. You’ll also be more able to focus on work while you are doing it if you can separate work and personal in your mind.
  • Try your best to recognise and avoid fatigue and burn out. Believe me, no part of your life will work effectively or have any enjoyment if you are burnt out and over stressed. If you can regocnise the signs and respond and take some time for yourself, you will be the better for it.
  • Maintain your health. Look after yourself. Eat well, get some sleep and find some time to exercise.
  • Have some support. Get a great support team behind you. Family, friends and other loved ones. And remember to ask for help when you need it. No one can do everything!
  • Enjoy what you do. You’ll be less stressed if you are doing a job you love. Whether that’s going to work out of the home, working from home or running your own business, find something you are happy to do.

Remember, like most things, work life balance is subjective and different for everyone. While someone might want flexibility in work hours to allow for family, to someone else it may just mean being able to leave their work at work. The key is finding what it would mean to you, and figure out ways to reduce life’s stressors so you can feel happy and content, and not pulled between your work and life.

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