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Working from home is a delight. I love dealing with clients, controlling my destiny, knowing that the buck stops with me.

I can give myself credit for a job well done, and only have myself to blame if things are not going well.

When I think of working in an office, commuting on the train day after day and grimly hanging on for dear life while standing in the aisles, rocking from side to side as the carriage creaks its slow way to my destination, I shudder a little and smile. I feel quite smug at being able, should I wish to, work in my pyjamas and while eating vegemite on toast.

There are so many things I do not miss: office politics, co workers body odor, food smells in an open-plan office, bad bosses, dodgy air-conditioning, useless meetings, fire drills – I could go on.

But there are, of course, some things I do pine for quite regularly.

This morning, for example, after a very busy morning, I had myself a tea break.

Off I wandered to my own kitchen, made my tea in my favourite Yummy Mummy mug (bless my partner for that one) which is always where I left it, never snaffled by a mystery thief.

Bliss, I thought, as I gazed over my back garden. (Generous to call it that, really, when in reality it is a small, weedy, overgrown jungle I tend to avoid looking at as much as possible.)

But I wanted to talk to someone. I really wanted to vent, to get a bit of juicy gossip, to have a conversation beyond the polite, businesslike chatter I exchange with clients every day. My friends and family are inevitably at the office, or juggling children.

It was last month I started talking to my cat, Mia.

Mia is a crazy female Bengal, who thinks she is a dog but while a quiet and attentive audience and very fond of sympathetic cuddles, is, at the end of the day, still a cat.

After each conversation Mia and I have, I am a little more concerned for my own mental health; it begins, I think to myself. It’ll be baggy cardigans next, and having quiet cries to myself as I nibble crackers for lunch.

Work-life balance? It can be tough when all you have for company from Monday to Friday is the Cat.

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