Working from home is not only a desirable option for many mums in Australia and New Zealand, it might be the only option

And working from home online means that even someone living in the remote outback can be on equal terms with anyone in the world when it comes to being competitive.

If you Google working online from home, you will find bewildering numbers of opportunities for work at home mums. Starry eyed amounts of money can apparently be earned with just a few simple keystrokes. But as a WAHM,  you need to be on the scam alert – there are probably more scams out there than real opportunities.

One of the biggest scams out there – or shall we be kind, and say, one of the biggest over-hyped “money making opportunities” is completing surveys online. Although most of the sites are only looking for respondents in the USA and Canada, there are sites which recruit people from Australia and New Zealand.

So how can you tell the good from the bad? First of all, most of the information about companies who will pay you to take surveys on line is available free. So be very cautious of any company which tries to charge you for access to these companies. A few dollars is probably OK, more than that, and probably you should pass.

Secondly, beware of companies making big claims about how much you can earn. It simply isn’t feasible to earn thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars a month from completing surveys on line. Look for companies offering modest earnings, they are more likely to be truthful.

Next, be aware that awards, testimonials, pictures of big money checks and the like can easily be forged. So don’t let yourself be taken in.

Finally, although completing market research surveys online is a genuine way of making money, it isn’t the best way to optimize your time. Surveys can be quite time consuming, and it has been calculated that an experienced person with a good internet connection who can type fast and has a fast computer would probably average an income of less than fifty CENTS an hour.

Filling in surveys does have some advantages. Anyone can do it, it doesn’t take much skill. It’s quite enjoyable and easy work, and you do sometimes get the chance to test out new products or enter competitions. It can be a useful way of earning a few extra dollars each month, and provided you don’t pay anything for the privilege, completing surveys on line can be a small addition to a basket of activities.

But don’t despair; there are better ways of making money online. One of the best of these is writing articles. The need for articles for web sites is endless, and the skill required to write pieces simply designed for Search Engine Optimisation is relatively limited. Most people who can write reasonable accurately and grammatically, with decent spelling, can meet the relatively low requirements of many organisations looking for short articles on every topic under the sun.

Australian and New Zealand work at home mums have a big advantage in this area – they are as a rule native English speakers. This kind of pay varies and as you gain experience and find people who will regularly commission you to work for them. An expert writer who puts in a reasonable amount of time and effort could realistically expect to earn $1000 or more per month – and that starts to look like interesting money. Search online to find sites for writers, and plunge in to what can be an enjoyable and lucrative way to earn a living from home.

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