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There are so many jobs for Work At Home Mums that do not require the gift of the gab or hard core selling. And Guess What? Those Envelope Stuffing Jobs, they are a scam, so do not be fooled.

You might be interested in working at home and looking at your options but also very concerned that you will have to sell stuff to your friends and family.  Most of you Mums Networks always seem to be trying to sell you stuff. They may sell Avon or Amway, or cooking supplies, or home made baby blankets or clothing Whatever it is, it’s hard selling not to mention hard work and you want no part of it at all.

Envelope Stuffing. This is one of the oldest scams and work at home schemes around, but for many scammers it’s a license to steal. A work-at-home scheme is a get-rich-quick scam in which a victim is lured by an offer to be employed at home, very often doing some simple task in a minimal amount of time with a large amount of income that far exceeds the market rate for the type of work. The true purpose of such an offer is for the perpetrator to extort money from the victim, either by charging a fee to join the scheme, or requiring the victim to invest in products whose resale value is misrepresented

The question you ask yourself is this – Can you work at home without selling stuff?

The answer is both yes and no. I know that sounds silly . That is, while you can work at home without blatantly selling items like skincare and cooking utensils and baby blankets, you will always be selling something – yourself, your services, your skills, your networks, your expertise.

So let’s look at some options for non-selling at-home jobs and discuss what you do have to sell, like it or not. It is all part of the game.

Website Design

Many mums with skill in Web Design have traded in the corporate office job for the comfort of working at home and freelancing while they design websites for Clients.  You can run your own web design business from home and make exceptionally good money – all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Writing From Home

Online writing is fast becoming a WAHM job that’s overtaking many others. You can write articles for clients or you can write articles and then market them to potential customers. You can write for revenue-share sites and you can write eBooks and then sell them online. No matter what type of writing work you are looking for (article writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, grant writing, e-books, or technical) you will be able to find it on these freelance sites. Search the job postings and submit your bids. If accepted, you complete the work and get paid.

Family Daycare From Home

Many mums open daycare centres so they can be at home with their children but still provide a second income for their family. This works well for many mums because they can provide that second income (and it is quite good money) all while also providing playmates for their own kids. If you enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their lives by providing quality care and learning experiences from your own nurturing home environment, then family day care could be your career of choice.

Inbound calling From Home

One popular job for Work At Home Mums is inbound calling. In this business, you will take calls from people making orders from TV Ads, Shopping Networks, or even take pizza orders. You might also perform basic customer service tasks. If you have a quiet area to work (without kids), are motivated and have customer service and/or sales experience, this is a great career choice for you.

Bookkeeping From Home

If you have ever worked as a bookkeeper or in some similar capacity, you can work at home as a bookkeeper, keeping the books for local businesses or online businesses. This is an ideal position for the Work At Home Mum  who wants to make a nice income at home but who wants to work exclusively at home. Contract bookkeepers are usually self-employed bookkeepers, running their own small business, who provide bookkeeping services to other businesses.  Operate out of your own home and provide remote/online services for your clients.

Tutoring From Home

Many former teachers are discovering the earning potential of being an online tutor from home. In this capacity, they tutor students who are having problems in a particular subject area. Most of the work is done exclusively online, reducing the need to travel to work or see clients in the home. Tutoring can be a wonderful home-based role, especially for those people who have an extensive knowledge of a subject

Are you selling, though?

All of these jobs above, I have talked about require a certain level of skill and marketing. You must market yourself and your business in order to make yourself desirable to clients. That means you are selling something – yourself. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of selling anything (including yourself)  and your services, then working at home might not be the ideal choice for you unless you are employed and simply work at home for your Employer.

Whatever you decide, the very best of luck


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