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Ground Floor Franchise Opportunity Just Launched in Australia
Work From Home in the Kids Party Industry


Are you a Work At Home Mum & Looking For Ways To Generate An Additional $200 To $800 Per Week – Work At Home?


  • No formal qualifications are needed.
  • We provide all the training, equipment and support you will need in the initial 8-week training program, and beyond
  • Whatever you need, we will be there to help.


You’d be up and running and able to accept your first customer in just 7 days! We get your business off the ground for you.

The 8-week training program is called ‘Are You Ready To ROCK?’ It is a well-structured, part-time, fun introduction to your new business venture.

Your initial goal will be to earn between $200 and $800 every week consistently. Then, you can adapt your goal to suit your own business, family and lifestyle needs.

At the end of your training, you will have:

  • the confidence and knowledge to run your new business – we will always be there to hold your hand!
  • Simple methods to attract customers – these are easier than you think! And,
  • A real excitement about your new flexible, work from home life style that puts money in your account, and your family first.

Woman in home office with computer using telephone smiling


We will give you all the tools to market your business and you would follow a really simple, but proven action plan. You won’t be reinventing the wheel – with 10 years of business behind us, we know what works!

We will be by your side every step of the way

Here are just some of the ways that we will help you. We will:

  • Fully maintain the website
  • Provide a Centralized Booking System so all your customers are managed centrally by our dedicated team members who are experienced in converting general phone enquiries into customers who book and pay – on the spot!,
  • Design and produce all the marketing material for you to use (e.g. fliers),
  • Provide Centralised Marketing Support (e.g. social media and PR campaigns locally), and
  • Be committed and available to help you and your business succeed.


Our customers are boys and girls between 7 and 12 years of age.

We know they are at school and we know many of the parents are on social media sites (e.g. Facebook) and we can target our advertising to them. Some parents are part of Parents and Friends Associations, some are members of sports clubs and we know that parents search for specific key words on google to find new party ideas (e.g. the key words ‘kids party ideas’ was searched 85,000 times in Australia in a recent month and would cost between $1.50 and $2.50 per click to advertise on Google).

Your 8-week training program will reveal our secrets in how to get your business thriving FAST.


Kids Parties = BIG Business for work from home ROCK STAR franchise!

Bus Opp

If you’re like most parents, it’s tough reducing your family income to just one income when you start your family.

It’s even tougher returning to the work force when you need to. Can you possibly find job as rewarding as being a parent? Will it give you the balance to choose your own hours, or, even work from home?

With child care fees so expensive these days, how much do you ACTUALLY earn per hour after you deduct child care fees, costs to get to work and even little things like your lunch?

There is a solution.

‘Work From Home Mums’ are one of the fastest growing industry segments in the world. You probably know how to use a computer and a phone. Our business can be enjoyed from anywhere – including your home office, or your kitchen table!

Rock Star for a Day is a 10 year old music business with over 28,000 happy clients. You would expect to have your first customers within weeks of starting.

Kids love music. They love all the music TV shows and they will do anything to get their friends together on their birthday, record 2 songs, (it’s like karaoke), pose in a really cool photo shoot, and have a fully produced CD made for them, complete with cover art. It’s fun for the kids and a life-long memory for the family.

When we show you the way we run the parties to maximize the fun, you’d think it’s pretty cool. When we show you the income you can generate per party, you’d be very interested in this limited offer – Your work from home, flexible kid’s party business.




We are currently interviewing our first round of candidates and will launch our first group of franchisees in the coming months.


We do endeavour to expand our business overseas after we have a stable group of franchisees in Australia meeting their expectation




YES, please rush me my FREE Franchise Information Package

Kids Parties = BIG Business for work from home ROCK STAR franchise!



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