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The long-term projected outcomes of our efforts often reflect our definition of success. That is, we deem that we will be successful once we have achieved the ‘big picture’ goals.

We want to go from the dream to the realisation without giving much credit to the middle act. While work at home mums are busy multi-tasking and juggling family and work commitments, it may be easy to loose track of the gradual achievements which bring us closer to the long-term goals we have established for ourselves.What is your definition of success? I bet that it involves the completion of the long-term goals you have set yourself to achieve.

As work at home mums, we may have set goals of a new house, education for our kids, family travel, health and fitness, financial freedom and self-realisation.

My question is: How do you measure success while you are working towards your long-term goals? While you are in limbo between now and your ultimate dream, does it mean you are currently unsuccessful because you aren’t yet living the dream?

Work at home mums have daily challenges which warrant their very own short-term success rating. What I am stressing here is this: Progress is just as important. In fact, the gradual monitoring of your progress towards your greater goals will have a positive impact in 2 ways: 1. It will help you measure your progressive outcomes and ensure you are on the right track to achieve your target, and 2. it will be a huge boost to your motivation and prevent you from quitting. After all, who is their right mind would persist doing something if they consistently felt that they are not moving towards their goals?

The point here is that being successful is not solely based on achieving your ultimate goals. The needle does not go from ‘unsuccessful’ to ‘successful’ overnight. Success is a journey. As long as you are maintaining consistent and progressive action towards your goals, you are being successful. Tasks become steps; steps become milestones; and milestones follow one another to accomplish dreams. Work at home mums who are periodically completing tasks, steps and milestones towards their goals for their business, family and themselves are being successful.

Work at home mums should periodically ask themselves some questions to make sure they are on track towards reaching their greater goals, but also to keep up some positive reinforcement and realise that success is a work in progress: “What have I done today that will help me achieve my next step?”; “What did I learn today that will help me align myself towards the next milestone?”, “How am I tracking towards the next task/step/milestone/goal/dream?”, “What task I have achieved today which is part of a greater goal towards my dream?”.

Guest Post By Justine Simard

Sharing is caring!

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