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Mums are widely recognised as efficient multi-taskers. Work at home mums are incontestably one among the categories of mums who need this skill at a necessity level.

I’ve written quite a few times regarding schedules and separating ‘work time’ and ‘mum time’. However, it’s at times not possible to separate those roles, and while running most of my days around multi-tasking, I’ve recently realised that I hardly devote myself fully to one assignment at any given time. While my body, behaviours and thoughts are busy doing something, my mind is often thinking about some other things simultaneously. With this realisation, I have come to the conclusion that the key revolves around one easy conscious effort I could make to possess a better focus and productivity to any task at hand: Awareness.

As full-time mums working from home, Mary’s most important task is taking care of her kids. But, with a developing home-based business requiring more thinking and planning, She found that she would often be sharing her focus between her children and her business, simultaneously. Therefore she started this simple exercise when beginning to do an activity with her little ones.

She said to herself: ‘I will dedicate my entire self to the present activity with my kids’. No allowance for business-related thoughts, checking emails, or even cleaning up the house. From the very first time she tried this easy commitment declaration, She noticed that she became much more attentive and fulfilled she felt while spending this quality time with her kids.

It meant she absolutely absorbed the moment, paid attention to the small things that make a mum’s heart fill with happiness and pride, gave more love and positive interaction to her kids, and completely indulged in the primary reason why, like many work at home mums, who have a home business – looking after her children. It also meant that she grew more conscious of all the mental interruptions emerging, so that she could resolutely shut them down and regain focus and be more mindful.

Adding a simple commitment statement before beginning an activity with my kids or for my business has definitely made a huge increase in my productivity and focus. For work at home mums, it’s about focusing your awareness to the precise activity you have committed to. Less multi-tasking, physically and intellectually. Higher productivity for my business and home duties?

Yes. More love and inspiration for my kids and from them as well? Definitely! More rewards as a mum and business owner? Absolutely!

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