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In an era of the “have it all,” career-conquering Supermum, an exhausted Mary Papadakis asks why isn’t “just” being home with the bubs enough for some?

Why is it so hard to say it? Why do I blurt out my whole life history to justify it? There is no question I have struggled since the birth of my second child with being a, wait for it, I’m almost there, s-s-stay-at-home mum. Consequently, a conversation which even remotely touches on the topic goes like this:

“So Mary, what are you up to these days?”

“I’m a stay-at umm well ahhh I have two amazing girls and I left my job as a journalist to look after them but I’m also doing my Masters degree and I’m a freelance writer and umm I’m really, really busy…”

Great article, read it over at The New Daily here

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