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In a bid to keep up with the insane demand for Minecraft Camps, I developed the Camp Leader program” – Tim Wicks, Founder

WAHM Minecraft

Recruiting NOW in ALL Locations around the world for Camp Leaders
Work flexibly doing something your kids love!  Minecraft

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft was created by Stockholm-based Mojang, which is now part of Microsoft. In the last few years it has sold over 100,000,000 licences and has a diverse audience. Most kids start playing this game on an iPad or a console like Xbox or PS4, and many graduate to playing on PC or Mac, which has more complex gameplay.  More often than not they play by themselves or with peers/siblings



What Is BuddyVerse?

The BuddyVerse server was initially developed for the Founder’s son.  He noticed that his son wanted to play Minecraft on multiplayer servers, and that left to himself, he would join servers with a lot of swearing and bullying.  Tim Wicks created the BuddyVerse server with kid safe Minecraft as his core goal.

WAHM Home Business Buddyverse

What Is the Buddyverse Server?



It is a massive multiplayer Minecraft server.  It has plugins to help kids keep their builds safe and anti-swearing to stop the potty mouths spoiling children’s fun. The BuddyVerse server is diverse; it has 5 creative worlds, 7 survival worlds and 3 games servers.  It also has exclusive worlds that are just for schools and classes. The server is used in Minecraft camps and is a 24/7 live server that can be played from anywhere in the world, anytime. It is a safe place to play because it is moderated by teachers.  The adults work with kids in a leadership program, to help the kids run the server.



What Is A Minecraft Camp?

You do not need to be an expert in Minecraft

Though you will need to become familiar with the game.  The more you know, the easier it is.BuddyVerse Minecraft Camps are heaven for most 5 to 14 year olds. Played on a custom server, they participate in challenges/quests in the same world. BuddyVerse provides a safe environment for kids to experience Minecraft in a multiplayer environment.

As Camp Leaders we use the game Minecraft to connect kids, to empower them through a leadership program and to educate them in collaborating with others These Camps bring kids together, in the same room and introduces them to the online server, BuddyVerse.  Throughout the day kids connect, collaborate, complete quests and enter competitions.

BuddyVerse Camps are designed to:

  • encourage collaboration
  • develop social and communication skills
  • engage kids in group problem solving environments
  • be enormous fun
  • be structured and offer Minecraft and real life learning opportunities
  • Minecraft Camps are events held with 24 (sometimes more) children.  Each child has their own computer, though they are all participating in the same ‘world’, so they can collaborate and play together.  These events are usually held in schools, Community Centres and Libraries in school holidays and on weekends.
  • Traditionally Camps have started at 9am and run through to 3pm.


Why Be A Camp Leader?


The BuddyVerse Camp Leader program offers an opportunity for individuals and organisations to offer a mind blowing experience for kids in their region, and at the same time make a healthy income.


In a nutshell, you may want to be a Camp Leader to:

  • Have a profound impact on kids in your region (you can’t begin to measure this until you experience a Camp).
  • Earn good money part time, or by working weekends and school holidays.  We have earned between AU$500 and AU$1500 profit a day
  • Increase the profit margin of your community group or organisation.
  • Increase the engagement of youth with your organisation or community group.
  • Work flexibly from home doing something your kids love! Minecraft
  • Full training. LOW Start-up. Your OWN business and a PROVEN business model that cannot keep up with demand.
  • Involve your family in your home business opportunity. Your Kids will LOVE you!
  • Very LOW Investment


What Support Do I Get?


The Camp Leader Orientation is comprehensive.  Combined with our impressive support you will have everything you need to get started as a Camp Leader in your region.

  • We provide support every step of the way when you are starting out as a Camp Leader.  We then continue to provide resources and updates that will help you along your journey.
  • Comprehensive documentation for every part of a camp, from marketing ideas and techniques, to handling different scenarios with kids in Camps, to seeking venues and logistics of running a camp and the ins and outs of running your business, including insurance ideas.
  • 4 x Skype meetings initially to get you on your feet.
  • Skype, email and phone access to Tim for support with planning and running Camps
  • In-game support from Tim and the Leadership team during your Camps.
  • A starter kit of necessary resources for your first Camp, including Name cards, business cards, Camp day presentation (PowerPoint) & much more).
  • A custom ticketing system made solely for Camps.
  • A vibrant Camp Leader and BuddyVerse server community (forum) and much more.

Become a Camp Leader Buddyverse




What Does It Take To Be A Camp Leader?

Go through the information here and choose APPLY ONLINE  if you have the desire to move ahead or to receive further information.

  • If approved, you will need to provide evidence of all relevant police/legal checks for your region to work with children.
  • Make an appointment to meet with Tim via Skype for an interview.
  • If approved, attend a Camp or Join the server and begin becoming familiar with the basics.
  • You need to read through the document Camp Leader MOU – both parties will sign it.
  • Make your yearly support payment. Low Cost.
  • Receive the Camp Leader Orientation and begin studying it
  • You will then be sent via email every resource you need to get started.


Whats Next, How Do I Apply?

You like what you have read, and want to know more, now click APPLY NOW and we will walk you through what a Minecraft Camp is, and what a Camp Leader does, the benefits and expectations and send you further information.

Tim Wicks

Who Is Tim Wicks? Founder of Minecraft Camps and ThinkFizz EdConsulting

Tim is an excitable guy. He has driven games based learning at a school level throughout Australia, specifically with Minecraft. He runs a kid safe server and delivers workshops to teachers on setting up Minecraft, and utilising it as a tool in their classrooms.

So what initially fanned Tim’s passion to teach? It was knowing that he was having a positive impact on the lives of the kids he taught and the community he lived in. He worked as a classroom teacher in primary schools in Victoria and the Northern Territory, before taking on roles in leadership, eventually becoming the Assistant Principal at a Special School for middle school students.

Throughout the twenty years Tim worked for the Department of Education he built a knowledge base in and passion for all things innovative in education, particularly in IT. Recently he trained teachers in innovative IT practices for the NT DoE before founding his own education consultancy, Think Fizz. Tim is a Google Certified Teacher and a GAFE Certified Trainer and works with teachers and schools in games based learning, bring your own device and GAFE implementation and pedagogy. Tim is based in Darwin (Northern Territory, Australia) and consults across Australia and Southern Asia.



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