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New research launched by Citrix today shows that the flexibility of working from  home is still a privilege for the few. And according to the research, it is costing the Australian economy billions of dollars a year. Travelling costs alone could be $109 million a week.

Key findings of the research include:

  • 60% of respondents from QLD would be willing to work more hours if they could work from home, compared to 50% of respondents in SA and 56% in NSW.
  • 31% of respondents in QLD would be willing to work an extra 7-8 hours a week if it meant they could work from home, compared to just 9% respondents in NSW.
  • 42% respondents in VIC already work from home occasionally, compared to just 31% of respondents in QLD.
  • 56 per cent of Australian’s not currently able to work from home, but 72 per cent wanting the opportunity
  • While 67% of government workers say they are offered flexible hours (as long as they complete 35 hours a week), only 19% say they occasionally work from home.
  • 48% percent of managers work from home occasionally while 65 percent of people who earn more than $130,000 per year regularly work from home.
  • Workers stated they spend 51.4 minutes per day (nine full days a year) commuting time, which they would spend some of working if they worked from home
  • 73% of people aged 55 to 69 would work more hours and stay in the workforce longer if flexible options are available
  • 46% of managers mentioned a technology solutions would be a major help to embracing flexible working

The research conducted by Galaxy surveyed 1,024 office workers across Australia

The reality is the majority of organisations do not trust their employees to be as productive at home as they do in the office,


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