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A well designed and furnished office will be your brand’s ambassador.

Whilst the layout needs to be practical and comfortable, it is essential that it reflects the identity and values of your business. Whether you run your business from home or from other premises, the principals remain the same.

Designed correctly, it will be an extension to your business image.  Office décor matters! You want your customers to have a positive feeling when they walk in, and have them leave with a first impression that counts.

What does your office fitout say about your business?

Consistency Ensures Simplicity

Start with a vision. Browse magazines and websites for images that appeal and when selecting a design, choose one remains consistent throughout your available space. Your chosen color scheme is important too.  Following the same guidelines as your logo will introduce an element of simplicity.

Clean And Clutter Free

A well-designed office fitout will equip you with adequate storage to ensure everything has its place.   Whether it is a spare room at home or large commercial premises, once the designated workspace is understood, you need to make a conscious decision about how to best use the space and what aspects you wish to emphasise.

Slim and sleek furniture will provide space and reduce any feeling of congestion. If you opt for an open plan environment, implementing a clean desk policy will ensure you don’t give your customers the impression of a messy and unorganised brand.  Nowhere is this more important than when you are juggling work from your home.

Creativity Breeds Creativity

You need to create a space that inspires.

A mix between modern and conventional furniture and fixtures can give a creative yet professional feel to an otherwise simple design.

Creative environments help to generate innovative ideas. When you commence work each day, you will feel part of an exciting, well-put-together brand. This goes a long way to boost morale and provides for a positive approach to work.  All in the name of productivity!  It is also a unique way to show your customers that your business is forward thinking.

Traditional or Quirky

No matter what style you choose, it needs to be practical and speak for itself.

Comfortable chairs, practical meeting spaces and facilities that will reflect your attention to detail, will create the atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression.

If you want your fitout to give off the traditional and friendly feel, opt for warm colours and neutral furniture.  If quirky is more your taste, don’t be afraid to be different and set your own standard. Pickeye-catching pieces, bright furnishings and patterns and textures that are a talking point.

Renting? Don’t let that be a limitation. You can still give your workspace a ‘temporary’ personal touch with accessories such as cushions and lamps to help to create the look that suits you.

The Right Fitout Speaks For Itself

Introduce a little ‘wow’ into your business with the perfect design and furnishings.  Your staff will thank you for it.  Your customers will remember you for it.

Guest Post

Chris Polvari has been a cabinetmaker for over 20 years and his company UrbanAccent has been beautifying homes for more than eight years

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