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We all have our dead-cert methods of winding down, de-stressing, making all the bad stuff go away.

For some it is a glass of wine, for some it is six; for some, a hot bath, or music, a long walk, or a vigorous gym session. Chocolate, a whinge to a partner, a good bitch session – all these things are par for the course when it comes to making ourselves feel better.

But why do we need these things? We need, often, to remind ourselves that there are still, despite the horrendous day we might have just had, good things in life: Cold wine can still calm fractured nerves, a good sweat can let out tension and anger.

For me the source of tension and stress is, most often, work-related: I love my work but I am a perfectionist and an impatient one at that, and we all know that sometimes it does seem as though you can slog away constantly and never see proper results.

It differs for us all – it could be family issues, it could be issues with yourself, or just a bad mood or a blinding headache. Whatever it is, it is so important to have an instant therapy: something you can focus on that, at the end of the day, you know will make you feel better.

One of my biggest revelations when it came to what made me feel better was when, heavily pregnant, I had to travel to a three-day seminar – at the end of day two, I felt it had been a waste of time so far, and after two 13-hour days, and a train journey home, I was on the verge of breaking point.

My partner picked me up from the station and took me home, and literally all it took to make all the teary exhaustion disappear was a cup of tea made by him and a snuggle with the cat.

Pathetic? Probably. But since then, I have known the healing powers – for me – of tea, a cuddle, my own sofa and a cuppa – if I get one, I feel better, if I get all four, I am ready to take on the world.

What is your instant cure-all? If you don’t have one, you need to find it, and you will be invincible – or as invincible as we can ever hope to be. And then there will be no stopping you.

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