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What a great concept.  A US based site launched by two working mothers called  PowerToFly.

A job site that connects women with employers who are willing to let them work remotely.

What You Can Expect

Work from anywhere
As long as your internet connection is strong enough for video chats you can work from anywhere – your home office, a coffee shop, a co-working space, wherever.

We give you a lot of freedom and we expect a lot in return.
If you’re self-driven and able to produce great results without a lot of supervision, we’ll give you what you need to succeed.

You determine how many hours you want to work.
Choose between 20-40 hours per week. We offer full and part time positions.

You are encouraged to have a life and a family (if you want one).
Working from a virtual office means you can adjust your schedule around what needs to get done at home.

We value your results
Work when you’re the most productive; take a break when you’re not. We don’t care whether you log a 9-5 (or 9-9) day — we care about results, quality, passion and the commitment you show to projects.

It’s not about where you have worked, but how you have worked
If you’ve contributed significantly to a company’s growth and dynamism in the past then we want to enable you to continue doing that.

Paid trials
Each job starts with a paid trial that lasts between two and four weeks, that way you can make sure the job is a good fit.

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