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Businesses frown down upon the excessive use of social media at work and to decrease its usage, they put in place strict policies. When they limit employees’ use of social media, they are putting their reputation on the line. It will result in the employees badmouthing the company, a decrease in performance, and a lack of communication with potential clients.

Still, you should not put the entire blame on the company, as they might have reasonable grounds to block its usage. Employees’ use of social media might have been affecting their work. Employees might be working less, and chatting more, which is bad news for a company that relies on the productivity of their employees to churn in profits. If you want your company to be in the favour of letting its employees use social media at work, you must learn to do it right. Here’s how:

1.     Create a Balance between Work and Social Media

When you come to work in the morning, you may not feel like working immediately. You will converse with your colleagues or converse with them using social media such as Facebook. You should not waste the entire day on social media, but create a balance.

If you use it in the morning, use it for fifteen to twenty minutes and not more than that. If you like to get a lot of your work completed in the morning, but like to take breaks in between work to use social media, ensure you use it for five to ten minutes.

2.     Use Social Media Responsibly

Employees and prospective employees should not post anything on their social media accounts that would come back to haunt them later in life. Since there is always a way for your past to infiltrate your present, it is better that you do not post racial slurs, comments, or remarks on your social media accounts. You never know when a past comment you made when you were young could come back to ruin your professional life.

3.     Employees and Managers need to Draw a Line

An employee might on good terms with their manager, often engaging in chitchats on social media. When the manager needs to enforce a rule on the employee or the employee has to stand up to the manager on an issue, the lines between friendship and a working relationship become blur. For this reason, managers and employees should not take their friendship outside the realm of the office.

4.     Abide by Policies of the Company

If the company has given employees’ the permission to use social media at work freely, but within the parameters it has set for them, they should not abuse the privilege. At work, you should use social media for networking purposes, for discussing a project with remote workers or a team, or for communicating with clients. Companies will not tolerate employees using social media for any other purpose.

If you want to use social media at work, you should do it responsibly. You can check out for more useful information.

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