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Meet Ruby. She is a Work At Home Mum and here she shares some tips on how she structures her day and works from home around her kids.

Wondering how a successful WAHM might organise her day? While each mums experience might be different, we can provide a simple profile to give you an idea of how you can be productive even with kids underfoot, meals to cook, chores to do errands to run and also work from home.

So, let’s look at Ruby’s story

Ruby runs a Social Media Marketing Business from home. She does not have a separate office (although she wishes she did), but rather she works out of the front sun room, sometimes welcoming clients there but usually working through email, Skype, Google Hangouts and her Mobile Phone.  She has a husband who works full-time and 2 children – 7-year-old Noah and 3-year-old Emily.

Here’s how Ruby might structure her day, as she tries to get time in for herself, for the household, and for the kids, all while she works a full day in her business.

Ruby gets up early in the morning and tends to emails and work she can do quickly before getting the kids up. Before they head to school, she showers, makes beds, makes them breakfast and lunches, loads the dishwasher and starts the laundry. Later in the morning, she will take a break from work and start dinner in the slow cooker.

After the kids are at school, Ruby works several hours without interruption before taking a quick break for lunch and a cup of tea, which she packed the night before for herself. She also does a quick meditation before heading to pick up Emily at preschool.

In the afternoon, Ruby reads to Emily and plays a quick game with her before giving her “quiet time” which is when Emily – who gave up naps long ago – plays quietly while Ruby works. During this time, Ruby also rotates laundry and pays a bill or two online. Mostly, she’s working on client projects and monitoring social media.

Right before telling Emily her quiet time is over, Ruby makes a quick work-related phone call. When Emily’s quiet time is over, she and Ruby head over to school to pick up Noah.  Before heading home the three take time out to enjoy the park that’s adjacent to school, smelling the flowers and playing on the swings.

In the afternoon, the kids want to play outside, so Ruby takes a laptop outside and works remotely while the kids play and she keeps an eye on them.

When Ruby’s husband comes home from work, she takes a quick break and makes salad and slices some bread to go with dinner. While he plays with the children before dinner, she finishes up her work day and makes a list of things to tackle first thing the next morning.

There are a few elements of Ruby’s day that are worth noting

First, she plans the evening before for the next day. She makes a quick list of what she needs to tackle first so when she gets up in the morning and she’s groggy and not thinking clearly (needs coffee), she is ready to hit the ground running. She does not need to waste time figuring it out. As part of her evening routine, she also makes sure she has packed a lunch for herself, so she doesn’t waste time making lunch the next day (or worse still – skipping lunch), and she plans and packs the kids’ lunches and snacks. She also knows what will be for dinner the next day and she’s prepared to deal with it when the time comes.

Second, Ruby makes time in the day for herself, answering quick personal emails and a quick meditation.  But she is focused on work and she does not waste time with watching Ellen or Days Of Our Lives on TV or texting friends.

Finally, Ruby manages to take time for her kids as much as possible. No matter how busy she is, she tries to remind herself why she is at home in the first place and that’s to be available to her family and children.

Ruby’s daily work at home experience won’t be yours, obviously, but much can be learned from her good habits.


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