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Telecommuting is on the rise.  Old-fashioned executives usually define telecommuting as an excuse to slack off at work.

But because of many external factors like increasing petrol prices, stress related to commuting, health concerns, etc., more and more companies are implementing programs that allow employees to work from home. In the long run, telecommuting is more beneficial to both the company and the employees. Here are some of the benefits of telecommuting:

1. Going green

Companies will improve their carbon footprint when they allow telecommuting. Because employees don’t have to commute to and from work, the less carbon monoxide is released in the environment. A study conducted by Telework Exchange showed that collectively, companies can save up to 9.7 billion of gallons in gas every year and US$38.2 billions in savings annually. Telework Exchange is a US-based corporation that aims to promote and measure the tangible results of telecommuting.

2. Financially rewarding

Telecommuting is financially rewarding for both the company and the employee. An employee saves more money because there’s very little need to commute, buy gas, or have expensive lunch-outs. An employee can also do away with hiring babysitters to take care of their kids.

Companies also stand to earn at this arrangement because some employees are willing to take a pay cut in exchange for working at home. Companies also don’t need to shoulder gasonline or transportation allowance or provide other benefits like cars, day care privileges, extended parental leaves, etc. Other office expenses are reduced like electricity, water, office supplies, etc.

3. Health considerations

A/H1N1, bird flu, SARS…These are just some of the recent health scares the world has to deal with. In times of public health crisis, telecommuting is one of the best ways a company can ensure that its employee stay healthy.

4. Better use of time

There’s nothing more frustrating than attending a pointless meeting. It takes away precious time which you could have used in more productive things. Telecommuting takes away those unnecessary huddles like when your boss just wants an opportunity to brag about his personal record in golf, or update meetings when you could have just emailed it to your boss.

Interruptions are also minimized

5. Empowering employees

Employees feel more empowered when they are given the opportunity to work at home. Telecommuting gives employees peace of mind because they know they are never too far from their families in case of emergencies. Telecommuting also reduces the amount of stress an employee feels.

Telecommuting is not for everybody, though. There are still positions that require employees to work onsite and employees who want to take advantage of this arrangement should justify why they need to work from home.

But as more studies show how the benefits of telecommuting outweigh the disadvantages, I wouldn’t be surprised if more companies allow their employees to avail of this work arrangement. In the end, telecommuting would be greatly beneficial to all parties concerned.

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