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Even the smartest mum can be taken in by a work from home scam. While some scams are obvious, others use clever tricks and psychological manipulation to appear highly plausible.

Here are some giveaway signs that the homeworking opportunity you’re considering is actually a scam.

1: They want you to pay them to hire you.

This is the number one sign of a confidence trick. These charges are often presented as a registration fee, as cover for the cost of training you or as payment for a starter kit or business plan. However the payment is dressed up, it’s a clear indication that you’re dealing with a scammer. Avoid making even small payments — a $1 or $2 credit card charge “to confirm your identity” can turn into an expensive repeat billing.

2: They pretend to be associated with a well-known company or brand… but aren’t.

Sometimes a job ad or invitation includes references to a famous name, such as Google, with the implication that you’ll be working for this well-known company. Buried in the small print you’ll find a disclaimer stating that the job advertiser is not actually associated with the big name at all. This is a clear sign that the company has something to hide.

3: They can’t provide evidence that they’re legitimate.

A real company will be registered with various official bodies. They’ll also have existing clients and employees, real people who can tell you a little more about what it’s like to work for this particular company. If the only employee seems to be “the local mum who made $35,000 in her first month!!!” you can be certain you’re dealing with a scam.

Always do you own due diligence and if it sounds too good to be true, buyer beware

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