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The Internet has opened up new employment horizons for industrious WAHMs. Unfortunately, there are many misleading “opportunities” and outright scams lurking among the genuine jobs. Here are some of the more common ones.

You’re looking for: Freelance writing opportunities.

Watch out for: Freelance writing sites that charge a large fee to join. While some reputable sites and organisations do charge a subscription fee, it’s highly unusual. Beware sites that offer to give you access to assignments in exchange for “just” $70 or “only” $40. There are plenty of writing studios that will allow you to sign up for free.

You’re looking for: Data entry work.Watch out for: CAPTCHA jobs.

These “jobs” are often advertised as data entry positions. In reality, you’ll be circumventing automated robot detection systems by decoding CAPTCHAs: distorted images of text which computers often can’t read but which humans can. This enables the automated creation of online accounts by spammers and cyber criminals. Remuneration is always low while targets are kept impossibly high; even after decoding thousands of CAPTCHAs, you might never see a dollar in earnings.

You’re looking for: Home sales jobs.Watch out for: MLM scams.

Multilevel marketing (MLM) is also known as matrix marketing or network marketing. Though MLM plans are often advertised as “sales positions”, they are nothing of the sort. In a real sales job, you’re paid to market products for the company that provides them to the customer. In an MLM plan you buy the products yourself and resell them as best you can, while recruiting others for a cut of everything they spend on the MLM company’s products. Virtually all MLM participants lose money; even those who manage to recoup their initial outlay never make a profit.

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