Sharing is caring! and Women’s Agenda have compiled a list of the country’s most powerful part-time workers to show that influential careers can be flexible.

This is the inaugural Part-Time Power List, and it showcases the wide range of working arrangements some of the country’s most senior leaders are using, proving you don’t have to work “full-time in the office” to hold leadership positions.

Workplace flexibility is not a term that is usually goes hand-in-hand with career progression in corporate Australia. However a growing number of high-power executives are breaking with convention, showing that it is not only possible work flexibly, but to also sustain a substantial role in the corporate sphere in the process.

While the list is called The Part-Time Power List, these arrangements vary from working part-time and job sharing to working remotely with alternative hours or from a home office.

Professional Mums chief executive Kate Mills says that the list is intended to break down the stereotype that to successfully hold down a leadership role it is necessary to work full time in the office. “It’s my belief that many high-performers actually work in a flexible manner and that working from home or less than five days a week is no longer the impediment to career progression that we think it is,” she says.

This list shows that employers that discount people that want to work flexibly are missing out some serious talent.

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Introduction to the Part Timers List

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