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Plan to Create

The key to personal and career development is to plan to create, organize and execute a road map to success. When you do this, a fulfilling and fruitful living is more easily obtained. By creating and planning a road map to success, you ensure that gainful employment and self-sufficiency is right around the corner, all you have to do is carefully follow your own instructions. To start, create three tickets; with these tickets, you permit yourself to enter a world of endless opportunities, you will continue to notice constant improvement and progress, and you will able to see your future more clearer. All you need to do is put on your 3D’s: Dedication, Determination and Decision.

Short- Term Goals

The first ticket you must create is a list of short term goals. It is good to have at least 3 goals to start. Short term goals can be something as simple as obtaining your driver’s license, Earning your GED or completing a simple task such as a homework assignment. Create a checklist of these goals sothat as you accomplish them you can mark it off your list. This will allow you to measure and keep track of your progress. Incentives are great motivators, so at the very bottom of your list, state a reward for accomplishing the entire list. The reward should match the accomplishment, so award yourself with something simple such as a new outfit, or a night out on the town.

Long – Term Goals

The second ticket to success is a list of long term goals. Long term goals can include tasks such as learning a trade, earning a degree or even publishing a book! Long term goals give you an idea of where you want to be, and what you want to accomplish in the future. Just like Short term goals, your list of long term goals should state a reward for accomplishment of the list. For the long term goals however, the reward should be bigger. For example, for earning your degree(S) you could reward yourself a diamond ring or a brand new car.

Personal Goals

The third ticket to success is your list of personal goals. It is important that you create some personal goals for yourself.Examples of personal goals could include, but is not limited to: Learning how to read, getting in shape, to quit smoking, or learning how to drive just to name a few. Upon accomplishing everything on your list, reward yourself accordingly.

Once you have created your three tickets to success, it is a good Idea to frame them and hang them somewhere you where you will always see it, such as on your refrigerator. Create a nice, attractive list that will catch your attention when you walk by. With each list, it is wise to create a list of possible barriers as well as a plan of action to overcome each barrier.

Now that you have planned to create and organized, all you have to do isexecute your plan.It is time that you use your road map to success to begin your journey.You have thethree tickets to success, so Follow your own instructions; You will learn that your future has never looked brighter. You will witness yourself accomplishing self-improvement and self-gratification, so put on your 3D’s and get a better view of what your future could look like.

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