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You might look at your life and think, Yep, I’m pleased with what I’m doing. Others, however, have a different view: family, friends, colleagues – all the people closest to us, and even some dinner-party acquaintances, all have Questions. Lots and lots of Questions.

Hands up if you’ve heard more than three of these:

  • “When are you two going to move in together?”
  • “No sign of a ring yet I see?”
  • “Soo… Any plans for a baby?”
  • “That baby not arrived yet then?”
  • “When will you be giving that baby a sibling to play with?”
  • “When are you going back to work?”
  • “You’re going back to work already? Really?”
  • “You’re not going back to work? Really?”
  • “Another baby? Really?”

No matter where you fall on this list, I’ve no doubt some of the above will be familiar to you.

Partly because it is polite to show an interest, partly because of some pre-conceived idea of how they would do things, the questions are generally asked without any ill-intent, but man, they can be annoying.

Here’s why – in my humble opinion – it pays to wait for the information to be offered, rather than dive right in. (And I say this as a hugely nosy person who is dying to know every last detail. It’s called restraint.)

When it’s regarding the progress of a relationship, it can be very awkward if the couple are in a rocky patch. It can be annoying if neither want to get married, move in together or do any of the traditional things others might see as the natural progression.

Regarding plans or otherwise for a child or children, tread very carefully. There may be issues with fertility, they may have suffered through miscarriages, or – hold the front page – they may not want children. They may only want one child. They may want 17 children. It is, after all, their life.

Staying at home with children versus working? Seriously. Just don’t go there. Same goes for breast v bottle.

Do you get annoyed with people asking questions like these? Or do you ask them yourself? What’s the strangest thing someone has asked you?

Sharing is caring!