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I run a few Career related Groups on Facebook, one of which is a Mature Age Group. One of the members shared these details and it may be a good resource for those who need it, if you are fed up of being mucked around by your Job Providers.

AUSTRALIAN & VICTORIAN unemployed ‘registered’ and active jobseekers: tired of how you are being treated in the system, you are not alone.

Our government does not understand that transferring from one employment provider to another is NOT the answer to our unemployment crisis.

To find your way through the maze, You may find the below links helpful for the lodgement of official complaints

First point of call is to discuss your concerns regarding the employment service you receive with the ‘Site Manager’ of the employment service provider you attend. If there is little or no change, the following may assist –

Employment Provider Service Enquiries, Feedback and Complaints –
National Customer Service Line
1800 805 260 (free call from landlines)

Department of Employment
General Enquiries: 1300 488 064 (8am – 5pm nationally)

Employment Minister –
Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash…

The Department of Education and Training (Victorian Training Guarantee)
Regarding access to Education and Training
1300 566 046

The Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission
Equal Opportunity, Human Rights and Discrimination
1300 292 153

Private Recruiters
RCSA – Governing body of Recruitment Ethics

Your local Member of Parliament (MP)


CRRS and National Disability Abuse and Neglect Hotline
Free Call: 1800 880 052

The Department of Social Services, Australian Government –
Regarding the wellbeing of people, families and those with disability

The Victorian Disability Services Commissioner
Free call: 1800 677 342

Need a voice:-
Disability Advocates in your region

Private Compensation Lawyers / Solicitors that specialise in Employment & Discrimination Law in your region.

Victoria Legal Aid – Free Legal Advice…/free-legal-advice

Fair Work Commission

Fair Work Ombudsman

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