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Entrepreneurs and Women In Business, particularly those in the start-up stage of the businesses often possess an office at home.

While working at home definitely has its benefits – the drive is short and the parking is free – it also can have its drawbacks. Continuous distractions, insufficient conversations (feeling isolated), with working hours that may hinder your productivity. But there are ways to be more effective working at home.

Follow these suggestions and do not allow your office at home to interfere in your small business success:

Create Boundaries >> Remove house distractions

Whenever possible, prevent doing your washing and house work through the work-day or replying to telephone calls that are private. Ask yourself in the event you worked in a office if you’d do this task. You need to create boundaries.

Get Dressed

You wouldn’t arrive at work in an office in the same clothing you wore to bed, so don’t do it at home, even though your workplace might just be steps from your bedroom. If I perform my work in my PJ’s or trackie dacks, I’m less effective.  It is better to get dressed so there is a psychological separation between working and simply staying at home relaxing.

Walk Away

One of the disadvantages of working from home is the death of a communal room (also called the “water cooler”) in which it is possible to take breaks to refresh and re-focus your energies. The good thing is that you can still get this recharge break while working at home. Just take your pet for a walk around the block or select a short run or brisk walk around lunch time so that you return to your desk re-energized.

Have a lunch-break

Working from home may get lonely. When you work and live in the within the same four walls, you can readily get bored of your surroundings. Take a lunch break  and try to dedicate one hour a day-to doing some thing different. The reversal of scenery will help you feel more creative.

Make your office a place you want to work

Buy yourself a comfortable work chair for your office and make sure your desk is a space to get things done. You’ll be more productive if you comfortable and happy being at your desk.

Stay out of the kitchen

Make sure you’re taking your breaks at regular times, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, just like you would in an office. And stay out of the kitchen at other times. It may be tempting when working from home to just get up and grab a quick snack, but if your not careful, that could turn into a lot of quick snacks. I even find it helpful to pack some stuff for the day (fruit, snacks etc), just like you would working out of home.

Plan your days

What are your main tasks for the day? If you have set goals you are going to be more productive and disciplined to achieve them. If you’re just “winging it” you may find yourself floundering about from one task to another. Even plan your start and finish times, so there is a structure and time frames to get things done, just like working away from home.

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