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When you are called in for an interview, you are over the moon with joy, especially if you have been on the hunt for a job for a while. When you exit the interview, you do need feel overwhelm at all because the interview did not go as well as you anticipated it would. This time around, the blame was not on you. The reason for the interview going downhill was the interviewer.

The interviewer’s lack of knowledge on modern interviewing techniques did you in. If this has happened to you, how do you recover? It is very difficult to recover from a bad interview, but it is not impossible to learn how to make a bad interview into a good one.  You can turn the tables on the interviewer by taking charge of the interview. Here’s how to make a long lasting impression on the interviewer:

1.     Take Control of the Interview Early

Usually, the interviewer asks you a question and you answer them. The interviewer controls the entire interview process from the start to the end. In order to take control of the interview, you have to answer a question with a question. For instance, ask them questions such as “what on my resume interested you?” and “are you still looking for potential candidate to fill in the position?”

2.     Tell Them Why They Want You

We often forget that they are the ones that contacted us and it was not the other way around. Something on your resume probably stood out and so they decided to shortlist you as one of the potential candidates.  You can ask them what on your resume made you stand out from the rest.

3.     Ask About the Salary Package

The dreaded question of what you are currently making at your present job will come up for sure. You want to be the one asking how much they can give you. They might tell you that they cannot disclose that, and if they ask you about your salary, give them the same answer.

4.     Inquire About their Likeness for You

You need to refocus their attention on your skills, so ask them questions about the type of projects you will be working on if you come there and if they saw you somewhere else before this. Next, inquire about the organizational culture in the office, how they were able to adapt to new industry regulations, and more along the lines of that.

5.     Tell Them that Other Companies Are Interested You

Let them know that there are other companies that want to hire you and you are currently in talks with them as well, even if that is not true. Tell them that you give them a maximum of two weeks to give you their answer. By giving them an ultimatum, you are securing your chances of landing a job, as if they are genuinely interested in hiring you, they will not make you wait.

If you want to test this method of taking control of an interview, you first have to find a job posting, which you can do here,

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