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Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or are new to self-employment, it’s important to make sure you understand and comply with workplace rights and obligations.

That’s why the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) have released a new online interactive quiz! The quiz, Workplace Basics, assists you and your employees to assess how well you understand and comply with workplace rights and obligations.

Topics include:

  • pay rates and awards
  • leave
  • record keeping
  • termination

By taking the quiz you can update your knowledge on:

  • pay rates and awards (minimum pay rates, appropriate awards, loadings, penalty rates and allowances)
  • types of workplace leave (annual, sick (personal)/carer’s, parental and long service leave)
  • employment type (casual, part-time and full-time employment and the differences between each)
  • recordkeeping (employee time and wage records, pay slip and payment summary requirements)
  • flexible working arrangements (teleworking and individual flexibility agreements)
  • termination and redundancy requirements
  • workplace discrimination (bullying and harassment and unfair dismissals).

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Sharing is caring!

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