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If today is already shaping up to be another one of those days and you need a third arm, try not to stress. Working from home can be a handful, even for the well versed. Between ringing phones, dinging doorbells and kids underfoot, making a living from the comfort of your home is often anything but easy.

Although teleworking can, and often does work, practicing these key WAHM elements will definitely increase your production and lessen your stress factor.

Create a working space

Tapping on your keyboard in front of the television or at the kitchen table may work in the short term.  but you will certainly accomplish more from a proper working space. A beautiful desk of any size with a comfortable chair, corkboard of working notes and a whiteboard outlining your deadlines is definitely a more inspirational environment.

Get dressed

This may sound futile since there is nothing between you and your ‘employer’ aside from a monitor, but swapping those tracky dacks for real clothes will motivate you to get your day started.

Personal matters

Nice work. Now that you’re dressed, make a point of getting your personal matters and last minute household chores taken care of before you begin work for the day.

Whether you’re working from Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, or Canada you’re not commuting. This means you can allow yourself this same time to tend to matters around the house as one less distraction later.

Take breaks

It’s imperative to practice a similar work day as though you were in an office. Since heading to the water cooler is not an option, take some time to play with the kids or walk the dog. Make sure you take a proper lunch break and when possible, enjoy your telecommunicating lifestyle by heading to a local coffee shop for a change of scenery.

Know when to stop

It’s not always possible to accomplish the goals we set each day however, unless you have a pressing deadline, try to end your work day at the same time throughout the week. By doing this you will create a routine and can look forward to knowing when your personal time begins.

Since every work at home mum situation is different, try implementing as many of these elements as often as possible.

Before you know it, you will have fewer stressful days and life will seem a little easier.

Sharing is caring!